Mithuna Rashi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions for Gemini Mithuna 2010

You will gain respect from people in this year. Your social status will improve and you will be able to plan and implement your ideas in a better way. If you are a student, your concentration in study will increase and you will be able to quickly finish your syllabus. But despite of that, you may not feel satisfied with your performance in exams and final mark sheet. But the first half of the year may make you loose your patience early and you may use odd language in public. Some of your friends may come and ask you for financial help. You may be keen to invest in share market trading in expectations of quick gains. You may earn some quick gains in April & May. Avoid rest of the period for quick returns.

Their may be mental unrest at home and you may feel uncomfortable staying at home especially in the third quarter. As the year will progress, your efforts will materialize and you will see good results. You should take good care of health this year by avoiding eating outside or over drinking.

If you are concerned about your love partner, this year you need to handle him/her with great care especially in second half of the year. You may suddenly realize that your partner is behaving sometime highly emotional and at other time preaching you about how to justify your responsibility to your partner.

Professionally, this is a mix year for you and certainly on better side. You will improve your relationship with your superior especially in the first part of the year. You may also be given better responsibility or increment in salary. But some petty issues may be there in second half which you will easily resolve. Be careful in third quarter especially in the month of August at your professional place as well with your love partner and spouse. If you are planning some renovation at home or planning to change your residence place, it will get materialize this year.

posted by: Rakesh Arora Kuber


*as per Indian Vedic Astrology system
**As you may be aware that Sun changes its sign in around 30 days and it completes its transit in all 12 zodiac signs in one year. Moon changes its sign in average 2 and 1/4 days. The birth ascendant of the native changes in approximately two hours. So considering the above factors, predictions refered by Sun sign will be same for all the people born in 30 days. If you refer predictions through Moon sign, it will be common for people born in 2 and 1/4 days. But, your exact birth time gives a zodiac sign which changes very quickly in just two hours and will be common for people born in that two hours. Henceforth, if you refer your birth ascendant sign, predictions will be more closer to future events. So, a simple question arises; which sign I should look for? If you know your exact birth time, it is suggested to check your birth ascendant as per Vedic Indian Horoscope and see your predictions through that sign. In any case, if your birth time is not accurate, you may please refer predictions through Moon sign. If Moon sign is also not confirmed, lastly, you may see your predictions through Sun sign only. For any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to send a mail or leave a comment.