Karka Rashi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Fee Yearly Horoscope Predictions for Cancer Karka 2010

In the first & second quarter of the year 2010, you will be full of aggression but people will consider it as over-aggression. You will feel like dominating every one around you and expect everybody to follow your instructions quietly. You will make sure to put extra efforts to get your job done in quick time. You may be impulsive sometime and feel mental unrest when you do not achieve your end objectives. A foreign tour is on the cards with gains at the end. You may develop some health problems (stomach etc.) which doctors may not be able to diagnose properly. If you are already having some chronic disease, please take extra caution and proper medication. Avoid exhibiting extra aggression as it may result in to unwanted quarrel. May and June are promising special favors from your destiny and luck and it will continue till year end. You will gain more respect and wealth at your professional place and your enemies will meet their ends. If you are married, your children may become adamant and you may have to do unnecessary expenditures on them. If you have any plans to change your job or start new ventures, this is not the right time to do so. Please postpone it to second half of the year. You may also face problems with your love partner or spouse in first half of the year which can be controlled if you do not enforce him/her. If you are a student, you may find it difficult to concentrate in your studies.

Third and fourth quarters are indicating mix results. Please be careful in July-August period. You may see some unexpected problems in your job. But you will finally make your enemies put down their heads. Avoid unnecessary dispute with your siblings. You may annoy your spouse but situation will remain under control. September month will give relief from problems and you will be more romantic in this period. Your relationship with your love partner or spouse will improve and you will feel satisfied regarding your job. You may also clear your previously running loan, if any. In the last quarter, you may try your luck in share market and you may also gain if you invest after taking proper advice from technical analyst or your family Astrologer. December month is indicating some deceit from your professional enemies which you will be able to come over after little difficulties.

*as per Indian Vedic Astrology system

**As you may be aware that Sun changes its sign in around 30 days and it completes its transit in all 12 zodiac signs in one year. Moon changes its sign in average 2 and 1/4 days. The birth ascendant of the native changes in approximately two hours. So considering the above factors, predictions refered by Sun sign will be same for all the people born in 30 days. If you refer predictions through Moon sign, it will be common for people born in 2 and 1/4 days. But, your exact birth time gives a zodiac sign which changes very quickly in just two hours and will be common for people born in that two hours. Henceforth, if you refer your birth ascendant sign, predictions will be more closer to future events. So, a simple question arises; which sign I should look for? If you know your exact birth time, it is suggested to check your birth ascendant as per Vedic Indian Horoscope and see your predictions through that sign. In any case, if your birth time is not accurate, you may please refer predictions through Moon sign. If Moon sign is also not confirmed, lastly, you may see your predictions through Sun sign only. For any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to send a mail or leave a comment.

General Characteristics of . Your lucky love partner, days, colours, stones, numbers.
Karka rashi Characteristics

Cancer sign is symbolized as crab and ruled by Moon. This is an emotional and sentimental sign of the zodiac. Cancer people have strong imagination levels and restless mind. They can adapt themselves in different conditions very quickly but their behavior depend lot on their mood. Their mood may change like a waxing or waning Moon. They are somewhat short tempered and get annoyed quickly. But their anger is short-lived. Cancer natives do not carry any ill feelings about anyone for longer period and it is quite easy to please them if one can touch them at emotional levels. They appear to be very frank outwardly but they share their emotions to someone who is very close to them. They become very good teachers or advisers and are highly suited for public dealing. One can see them moving around with a smile on face which attracts most people around them. They love their home and family and are fond of amassing lot of wealth. They dislike criticism and may start crying like a child if criticized in public. They are very kind at heart and sympathetic. Cancer natives have feeling of insecurity so can not stay alone for longer periods. They are possessive and do not accept any sort of ignorance in friend circle. They very loyal love partners but at the same time they are very difficult to handle. They are honest in their dealings and expect the vice-versa. They are very fair in business dealings and unlike Mercury ruled people; they give lot of consideration to the customers and value their money. One can please them by flattery but the moment they realize the facts, it is almost impossible to reconcile with them. They believe in sincere relationships and do not carry formal relationships. Although they are among the people who can take instant decisions but sometimes when they enter thought process, they delay very important decisions. They may be indecisive sometimes and may badly require piece of advice from their friends or family members. Cancer natives are fond of collecting old historical items which have good financial value. They like collecting stamps, coins of older centuries. They love to spend time at their home but love to for a trip outside and far away from home. They really love their children and even males give care to their kids like mother. They love to have large social circle. Cancer natives have bungling and slightly larger upper body. They are generally fat and may develop (boiled) egg-like body if they do not control eating habits. Cancer natives generally have medium or short height.

If Cancer sign and Moon are afflicted in the horoscope, Cancer native may become short tempered and timid. They behave like an adamant child and will develop depressive tendencies. They try to achieve their objectives by false tears and force other people to work as per their wishes. They emotionally blackmail their love partners and change their love partners very quickly.

Cancer natives are prone to diseases like chest diseases, depression, asthma, throat infections, rheumatism, arthritis, indigestion, flatulence, diseases of liver, worms etc. They like traveling but have risk while traveling like accidents, theft, getting stuck in traffic jams etc.

Cancer natives become good cooks, caterer, restaurant owners, waiters, nurse, personal secretary, artists, shop owners, navy personnel, ship owners, travel agents, teachers, ministers, public relation officer, front desk managers, milkman, agriculturists, gardeners fishers, sea divers, actors etc.

Lucky days for Cancer :
lucky days for karka

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Mondays are good for social gatherings, public dealing and self related actions. Tuesdays are very auspicious for taking up important decisions related to profession. Sunday is good for finance related decisions. Thursdays are good for long travels, prayers, education etc. Wednesdays are not auspicious. Fridays are OK for gains but other wise not good. Saturdays are really bad.

Overall, Wednesdays and Fridays are not very good and Saturday being the worst. Mondays and Tuesdays are good for love and romance.

Lucky Colors for Cancer:
Lucky colours for Karka

White, pink, red, maroon, yellow, cream. Black and navy blue are very bad. Avoid green color.

Lucky Numbers for Cancer
Lucky colours for Karka

2,7,9,. Number 8, 12 are moderate. Number 11 is bad.

Lucky stones for Cancer :
lucky stones for Karka

Coral, pearl and yellow sapphire

Love and romance compatibility partners for Cancer :
love and romance for karka

Good with Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces.
Moderate with Leo, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius,
Bad with Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo,

Name letters for Cancer (with examples) :
(karka namakshar)

Ha (hard), Hu (whose), Hay (hate), Ho (home), Da (dance), Di (deed), Du (do), Day (date), Do (dose)