Simha Singh Rasi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions for Leo sign Simha rashi Singh rashi 2010

In the first and second quarter of this year are indicating short as well as long travels outside or abroad. If you love some one; you will get a pleasant surprise during this time. You may see him / her proposing you. You may get love partner from different religion. You can expect promotion in job with good increment by the end of second quarter. If you are married, you may have some disputes with your spouse which will finally be resolved. Do not make investments in this period as you may take wrong decision.

The third & fourth quarters are good for purchasing new property or renovations at home. You financial situation will improve but high expenses will make you feel short of funds. You married life may get disturbed in the beginning of second quarter. You may inherit ancestral property but after some disputes. If you are unmarried, you may get engaged in this period. You may have some tensions on account of your studies or children. You need to take care of your health in this period especially stomach and cholesterol levels. You may trade in share market for quick gains which may result in loss especially in III quarter. You will require extra efforts to control your public speaking. If you had applied for some loan, you may get the approval in this time. You will do lot of efforts at your work place and you will get relief from your enemies. The married life will also show much improvement in the fourth quarter. You may buy new electronic articles for your home. If you are retiring this year, you may join some social organization or any spiritual forum. Avoid exercising too much power on spouse in the last quarter as it may affect the harmony at your home place

*as per Indian Vedic Astrology system

**As you may be aware that Sun changes its sign in around 30 days and it completes its transit in all 12 zodiac signs in one year. Moon changes its sign in average 2 and 1/4 days. The birth ascendant of the native changes in approximately two hours. So considering the above factors, predictions referred by Sun sign will be same for all the people born in 30 days. If you refer predictions through Moon sign, it will be common for people born in 2 and 1/4 days. But, your exact birth time gives a zodiac sign which changes very quickly in just two hours and will be common for people born in that two hours. Henceforth, if you refer your birth ascendant sign, predictions will be more closer to future events. So, a simple question arises; which sign I should look for? If you know your exact birth time, it is suggested to check your birth ascendant as per Vedic Indian Horoscope and see your predictions through that sign. In any case, if your birth time is not accurate, you may please refer predictions through Moon sign. If Moon sign is also not confirmed, lastly, you may see your predictions through Sun sign only. For any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to send a mail or leave a comment.

General Characteristics of Leo; your lucky days, colors, stones, numbers, love partners.

Leo, the lion is ruled by Sun. The Sun is the ruler of this Universe, so as Leo natives are born for. The Leo natives are dominating, egoistic, idealistic, have large heart, generous, energetic, kind, and strict and firm believer of justice. Sun is known as the biggest donator in this universe. Sun gives its light and energy to all of us impartially. Leo natives also have similar helping nature. They are very authentic and have dignified character. Leo natives are enthusiastic, talented and skilled. They are one of the best friends among twelve zodiac signs but at the same time they befriend people who are willing to take their instructions. They are born rulers and always strive for occupying top position wherever they go. They do not like subordination. They do not believe in wasting their time in gossiping and are mostly busy in doing fruitful activities. Although they are very strict but they often overlook petty issues. But when it comes to doing justice, they do not discriminate in between their own friends and relatives and other common people. They are best suited for the position where utmost impartially is expected in giving justice. The love sincere appreciation but hate vanity. Leo natives always strive hard for getting higher education, improving the knowledge and maintaining a solid character. They are not emotional like cancer natives but their enthusiasm and motivation is at higher degrees. They are fir believer of their religion and follow cultural norms. They are frank, straightforward and open-minded people and may some time outbursts in anger. But their anger is short-lived. Unlike Venus natives, they believe in sacrificing their comforts and luxuries against their objectives. But they spend good money on maintaining their house. One can see lot of wood work in their house as they dislike iron made articles. Their house appears like a five star hotel room with top quality articles. Leo native may not express their feelings, emotions and love to their love partner but they sincerely and deeply love them; so one should not misunderstand them as cold blooded animals. They love their children and outwardly they may appear very strict.

If Sun and Leo sign is afflicted in the chart, they tend to develop bombarding nature. Their ego levels will very high and they develop forcing nature. All their friends and relatives will avoid their company. They become inconsistent in their relationship and will have poor married life. They will develop very mean character and will compromise on ideals to achieve their goals. They will not listen to advice of others and end up spoiling their own career and personal life. They will become prone to flattery.

Leo natives generally have body like a lion; broad shoulders, slim waist, broad round bony shining face slightly tapering near the chin. They have reddish eyes and fair complexion.

Although, Leo natives have strong immune system but they are prone to diseases like heart diseases, fractures, spinal problems, high grade fevers, sunstroke, joint pain, stomach related problems etc.

The Sun signifies government so Leo natives may be employed in a government job. Leo natives can become speculators, jewelers, administrators, managers, head of any organization, General Managers, CEO, Judge, Engineer, businessman, medical personnel, Architects, Bankers etc.

Lucky colors for Leo :

Pink, yellow, cream, red, light green, orange, maroon. Avoid white color if possible. Navy blue and black are very bad.

Lucky days for Leo :

Sunday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Sundays are good for any activity relating self, dealing with government officials, acquiring any senior position. Tuesdays are extremely good for education, spiritual activities, professional decisions, property purchases, long travels, investments, new business launch, joining new job etc. Thursdays are very good for speculation, short term investments, quick gains, acquiring ancestral wealth, purchases, joining college, taking up new skills and knowledge, conducting lectures in public, applying for promotion in job, loans, meditation, research activities, reciting divine sentences (mantras), worshiping Lord Krishna etc. Mondays are not very favorable except for long term investments and clearing debts. Wednesdays are good for gains and wealth, love and romance. Fridays are generally bad except short travels. You can expect unwanted professional issues on Fridays. Saturdays are really bad.

Lucky stones for Leo:

Ruby, Yellow sapphire and coral

Lucky numbers for Leo :

1, 3, 5, 6, 9. Number 7 is unlucky.

Name letters for Leo :

Ma (Mars), Me (Meager), Mu (Moon), May (may), Ta (Ta-ta), Ti (Teen), Tu (too), Tay ( taste)

Love and romance compatibility partners for Leo :

Good with Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo

Moderate with Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer, Taurus

Bad with Capricorn, Pisces, Libra,