Kanya Rashi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Free Yearly Horoscope Predictions for Virgo 2010

The first and second quarters indicates little gains and unexpected profits. But you may not feel satisfied with the returns and try to get more out of the situation. If you are expecting some transfer, it may come with elevation in job despite of the fact that there may be other people also in race. If you are married, it is suggested to remain with in the wedlock relationships else it may create problems in your marital relationships. Avoid bringing in excessive discipline at home which may cause disturbance in married life. This is not the right time for proposing someone you love as it may give disappointments. If you are planning to change your job for the sake of better position and increment in package you can do so keeping in mind that the new opportunity will not be cake walk and it will bring lot of challenges & threats also. Do not plan any journeys in second quarter. Overall, it is suggested to avoid major decisions pertaining change in profession.

The third & fourth quarter may bring fortune for those looking for love marriage. The problems between married couple may resolve in this period. But some difficulties are seen for married people. You may not like to stay at your home. You may face some hurdles in your professional life. Your spouse can give you good guidance and advice to come out of the problematic situation that you may be facing. Your health problems may aggravate in third quarter. Avoid rash driving; if possible, avoid driving vehicle especially two wheeler in the third quarter.

General Characteristics of Virgo. Your Lucky Love partner, colours, days, stones, numbers.

Kanya rashi characteristics

Virgo sign, indicated by a virgin female, is ruled by Mercury. Mercury as we know is the planet of intellect. Although Mercury rules two signs (Gemini and Virgo) in the zodiac but Virgo is stronger sign than Gemini. Virgo natives are very sensitive, self-conscious, fainthearted, hard to comprehend, intelligent, thinkers, ever-changing, and have very sharp acumen. Virgos are practical, methodical, rational, discriminative, descriptive and shrewd professionals. They believe in earning as much money possible with tendency to save all the money instead of enjoying worldly pleasures. They are money hoarders. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is the sixth sign of zodiac, Virgo natives sometimes even mistrust themselves. They are over-cautious in even in their routine activities and they highly dislike making any mistake even by mistake. You can see their writing work so neatly and nicely done; their books so nicely organized and strict adherence to time-table. They tend to accumulate so extra information that may be of no use to accomplish a task but that is the way live. They get immense satisfaction in having bag full of information on the subject they work as it may come to use any point of time. They wait for such situation to arise when people become blank and they softly jump into the situation and give the solution. They are normally promoted in their jobs even before their seniors as they are highly dedicated for their work. Their brilliance, analytical ability and communication skills make them superior than others. Their subordinates find it almost impossible to satisfy them. They are good in office politics and their rivals fail to understand their next move but at the same Virgo natives are good critics. Their thoughts have multiple dimensions and they can perceive different aspects of a subject like a rainbow at one time. Unlike Gemini, they do not pick up multiple activities at one time but they tend to gather all possible information about a subject, even if it may not be required for successful completion of a task. Virgo natives are very frank and quickly make friends. The people of opposite sex get quickly attracted towards them but they are very choosy in relationship. Virgo natives look for an intelligent and sensible life love partner. Their emotional levels are low and they are not sentimental. They can compromise their personal and marital life for professional growth and wealth. If at point of time they are asked to choose from love partner or career; you will be surprised to know that they do not hesitate to choose career and just forget that love relationship. Sometimes, you may see Virgo natives busy in reading books and collecting information on a subject at mid-night when their spouse may anxiously wait to sleep with them. Cancer and Pisces natives should not enter into emotional bonding with them as they may be disappointed at later phase. Virgo natives do not like children as they may be hindrance in pursuing their career.

If Mercury and Virgo sign is afflicted, they become a confuse character. They openly criticize people and make enemies. They get appreciation in the initial stages but quickly loose the advantageous situation. They try to play foul even with seniors to get quick promotions and get the wrath of seniors. They quickly fall ill and find it difficult to recover. Their medical leaves will always be short against illness. More time is spent on hospital bed getting treated for multiple diseases. There is mental unrest and nervous breakdowns. Their friends become foes and depart them. The love partners call them cheaters and frauds.

Virgo natives are generally handsome (beautiful), tall, slim, having sweat voice, young looking having beautiful eyes.

Virgo natives are prone to diseases like back ache, typhoid, digestive problems, nervous breakdowns, hernia, stone formation etc. They quickly get addicted to smoking, drinking or even drugs if affliction is heavy. Virgo native should never even try any addiction as it may completely ruin their health in very short time. They should imitate with others on addiction as their immune system and health graph is not very solid.

Virgo natives are best suited for accounts, management, commercial activities, teaching, planning, presentations, public representations, lawyers, loan givers - against property, Multinational employees, medical personnel, trust management, engineers, printers, journalists, secret agents, private secretaries, brokers, commission agents, publishers, ambassadors etc. If Mercury is afflicted, Virgo native may indulge into taking bribes, thefts, cheating and frauds using false documentation.

Virgo Lucky days :
Kanya rashi lucky days

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Mondays are good for gains, love and romance. Wednesdays are very good for any activity relating self, education, profession etc. Fridays are extremely good for wealth, luck, destiny, promotions, marriage, romance, legal activities, long travels etc. Sundays are good for investments. Tuesdays are extremely bad except short travel. Thursdays are good for education, partnerships otherwise not favorable. Saturdays are good for meditation, reciting divine sentences (mantra) and shopping; otherwise not auspicious.

Virgo Lucky colors :
Kanya rashi lucky colors

 Green, grey, light blue, white, cream. Red and black colors are very bad.

Virgo Lucky stones :
Kanya rashi lucky stones

Emerald, Diamond

Virgo Love and romance compatibility partners:
Kanya love and romance

Good with Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini
Moderate with Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo
Bad with Aquarius, Pisces and worse with Scorpio and Aries

Virgo Name Letters :
Kanya namakshar

Ta (task), Pa (past), Pi (pizza), Pu (pun), sha (shark. In hindi, it is shadyantra vala sha), ana (naan. In hindi shravan wala na), Da (dart), Pay (pay), Po (post)


*as per Vedic Astrology system

if you know your exact birth time, please see if you have Virgo Ascendant and refer predictions for Virgo. If birth time is not accurate, please refer Moon Sign Virgo only. Lastly, you may refer Sun Sign Virgo as Sun remains in a sign for around 30 days. Predictions based on ascendant will be more accurate as birth ascendant changes sign (rashi) in average two hours. Whereas (Virgo) Moon sign (rashi) changes after two hours and Sun sign (rashi) changes after 30 days.