Tula Rashi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Free Yearly Horoscope 2010 Predictions and Reading for Libra sign Tula Rasi 2010


 Libra natives may have to face to some problems at their professional field in first quarter. Your opponents will criticize your work and you may be blamed of taking haste and wrong decisions. Your frustrations may get reflected at home place and office. But you will be able to finally control the situation. Later part of this year, there will be fair chances of promotion in job. If you are looking for a change in job, you may get a better job in this period. Let me tell you upfront that you are currently under Saturn’s transit of seven year (saday-sathi); but there is nothing to fear about this year. You can expect good results in this year and normal life will continue. In the first quarter, you may get little upsets at professional place which will slowly settle down to your benefit in coming time. Near the end of second quarter, you can expect good financial gains all round. If you are in media, communication or in some writing work, you may publish great articles which will be appreciated at your place and abroad. If you are thinking for some investments in shares, F.D. etc. or property purchase away from your home place for the sake of investments; this is the right time to do so. But plan it for long duration as you may not get quick results. In short term, you can expect some returns in June, August and September.


The first two quarters indicates some problems with your love partner but situation will still be under control. If you have developed some affection towards someone at your professional place, you need to overlook the same as it may cause serious problems in your job resulting into loss of status or even job especially in first quarter. Second and third quarters indicate positive developments in the beginning itself. Leaving aside little ego clashes, you will enjoy good company with your love partner. But, this period is not good for married people as the family life will remain disturbed in third quarter especially august month.


First two quarters are fair for your studies but you are suggested to avoid hasty working. Third quarter indicates minor problems which will be resolved by beginning of last quarter. Overall, it’s good year for studies and you will be able to pass in competitive exams, interviews etc.


You may develop inclination for eating outside. You may not be able to control your hunger at times and will expect immediate serving. There may be little problems related to digestion, back-ach, and muscular pain in upper leg region or minor sinus problems.


Your lucky color trousers are blue and grey. White, light blue and grey shirts suit you. Use blue color while appearing for interviews or competitive exams. You can use yellow shirts and multi-color ties this year. Try to keep good relations with your younger siblings as it will add to your prosperity. Offer argha (water to Sun) in the morning as close possible to Sun rise time. Use perfumes, deo etc. as it will also add to your financial prosperity and success in love relations. On Thursdays, donate some money and yellow cloths in the temple or its priest near you home place.

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*as per Vedic Astrology System

if you know your birth time, please check your ascendant. If rising ascendant is Libra, please refer predictions as mentioned.  If your rising ascendant is not confirmed, please refer Moon Sign only. Lastly, if  neither of the two is confirmed; refer your Sun Sign only. Predictions based on birth ascendant will be more accurate as birth ascendant changes in average two hours. Whereas, Moon sign will change after two days and Sun sign after 30 days.