Vrischika Rashi 2010 Horoscope Predictions

Free Yearly Horoscope 2010 Predictions for ScorpioVrishchika


This is good year overall for Scorpio people. You will have betterment, promotion and increment in job. Avoid hot arguments with your seniors especially in first quarter as it may unnecessary delay your betterment. There is good opportunity of expansion in business which will give good gains this year with less effort. You can invest and expect very good returns beyond your expectations. Third quarter is also good for gains barring some disputes with elder siblings. You may have to travel outside or abroad relating your professional work.


If you are planning to propose to your love partner, you may hold your emotions for some time and wait up to May 2010. You desires will be fulfilled. Little problems are expected in marital life especially in August this year; but it will remain under control. Keep your head cool in the last quarter of the year. Overall, its good year for married couples.


Its good period for your studies and you will score good marks in your exams. You will gain more respect at your education place. If you are seeking admission in good college this year, you will get through easily. You will get into a professional study like MBA, C.A., etc. which will later make a good career for you.


Take care in first two quarters as you may get blood related problems or some problems arising out of chronic diseases.


Your lucky colors are pink, cream, yellow and white. Try to keep good relations with your elder siblings otherwise it can hamper your prosperity. Give some black clothes to low class people like sweeper or a widow or person having leprosy or a person with no male child or one eyed person on Wednesday.

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*as per Indian Vedic Astrology system

**As you may be aware that Sun changes its sign in around 30 days and it completes its transit in all 12 zodiac signs in one year. Moon changes its sign in average 2 and 1/4 days. The birth ascendant of the native changes in approximately two hours. So considering the above factors, predictions referred by Sun sign will be same for all the people born in 30 days. If you refer predictions through Moon sign, it will be common for people born in 2 and 1/4 days. But, your exact birth time gives a zodiac sign which changes very quickly in just two hours and will be common for people born in that two hours. Henceforth, if you refer your birth ascendant sign, predictions will be more closer to future events. So, a simple question arises; which sign I should look for? If you know your exact birth time, it is suggested to check your birth ascendant as per Vedic Indian Horoscope and see your predictions through that sign. In any case, if your birth time is not accurate, you may please refer predictions through Moon sign. If Moon sign is also not confirmed, lastly, you may see your predictions through Sun sign only. For any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to send a mail or leave a comment.