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Om Gan Ganpatay Namaha


Maha Rishi Parashar is the all time legend of Vedic Astrology, without whom it’s not even possible to think about Vedic Astrology. His principles are simply outstanding and Vimshottari Dasha system is found to be the most accurate un-conditional dasha system.

Although all hundred chapters of BPHS give highly valuable information for predictive Astrology but, even if, one could thoroughly understand and apply just 42 Slokas of Laghu Parashar; one can predict with great accuracy. So, for the benefit of the students keen in learning Vedic astrology, Laghu Parashari is taken as the first classical book to be presented here on

I shall here try to restrict myself as close possible to the classical rules as guided by the great Maha rishi. 

The Laghu Parashar Slokas are as under:-

Sloka 1

We worship the divine power of Lord Brhama, Goddess Saraswati, who has red lips; who holds a musical instrument (Veena) in her hand; as greatly described in the classical texts (Upnishad)

At the beginning of any auspicious activity like book writing, learned men worship God for getting their blessings for warding off any unforeseen obstacles which may come in way of completing the auspicious activity. Also, God blesses us the intellect and wisdom to perform any auspicious activity.

Sloka 2

For the enlightenment of Astrologers, we, as per our intellect, compose this Udu-daa-ya-pradeep based on Maha Rishi Parashar Hora Shastra.

Udu means Constellation (Nakshatra). Daa-ya means period (Dasha). Pradeep means who guides. So this Laghu Parashari guides us for predictive astrology through unique Nakshatra based dasha system.

Sloka 3

We will analyze the good or bad results based on the Nakshatra dasha. And here, only Vimshottari dasha system is taken. We do not accept Ashtottari dasha here.

Vimshottari dasha system is the unconditional, most trusted, admired and highly accurate dasha system accepted by almost all Vedic Astrologers. It is the dahsa of 120 years and is directly linked to the constellation (Nakshatra) of Moon at birth time. Each planet rules three nakshatra and has different number of years of dasha which can be referred from any classical text like BPHS, Fhaldeepika etc.

Sun dasha: 6 years total divided into 13 degrees 20 minutes

Moon dahsa: 10 years

Mars: 7 years

Rahu: 18 years ( dragon’s head or Moon’s ascending node)

Jupiter: 16 years

Saturn: 19 years

Mercury: 17 years

Ketu: 7 years (dragon’s tail or Moon’s descending node)

Venus: 20 years

Total: 120 years; which is considered as whole life span of a human in current time. (Kaliyuga)

The Vimshottari dasha of a natural malefic planet like Saturn, Mars, Sun etc could be good for different ascendants. It will be taken up in detail later.

Sloka 4

The learned may become familiar with general and basic Vedic Astrology from other classical texts. We are depicting only special principles.

It is suggested to first study all the basics of Vedic Astrology from other classical texts which give sufficient information about nine planets like their exaltation, debilitation, own signs, inimical signs etc. Similarly all information about signs, houses, their significations, transit etc. may be studied from other classical texts. Laghu Parashari enumerates only special rules applicable for Vimshottari Dasha System.

Sloka 5

All planets aspect the planet posited seventh from them. But Saturn, Jupiter and Mars have special aspects. Saturn aspects 3 & 10 also from its position. Jupiter aspects 5 and 9; and Mars aspect 4 and 8 from its position.



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