Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra - Laghu Parashari - Sloka 6-10



Sloka 5

All planets aspect the planet posited seventh from them. But Saturn, Jupiter and Mars have special aspects. Saturn aspects 3 & 10 also from its position. Jupiter aspects 5 and 9; and Mars aspect 4 and 8 from its position.

Sloka 6

All planets ruling trine houses are benefic. If they own 3.6.11 houses, they are malefic.

As we know there are twelve ascendants from Aries, Taurus …to Pisces. The planets which will rule the trine houses i.e. 5th and 9th houses will become benefic for that particular ascendant. For example, for Libra ascendant, Saturn though natural malefic, will become benefic as it rules 5th house. In Vimshottari dasha, if native gets Saturn dasha and Saturn is suitably placed, this dasha will give excellent material gains to the native. Similarly for Leo Ascendant, Mars will become ninth lord hence will be considered as benefic planet and its dasha will give at par excellent results towards material gains.

Ascendant is certainly benefic for the native but is considered as both trine and quadrant. Let us see how:- 4th to 4th house - it is 7th house; 4th to 7th house – it is 10th house and 4th to 10th house is ascendant. Hence it forms the quadrant cycle. Similarly, if we move 5 places from 5th house, its 9th house. Now if we move 5 places from 9th house, it’s ascendant. Hence ascendant forms trine cycle as well.

Strength of the houses: 7th house is stronger than 4th house and 10th house is stronger than 7th house. Similarly, 9th house is stronger than 5th house. So, as we move from house to house; the next house is stronger. Henceforth, 10th is the strongest Kendra and 9th is the strongest trine house.

Lords of 3/6/11 houses will give malefic results even if owned by natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus etc. As mentioned earlier, last house is the strongest; 11th house is strongest among the three houses. If a planet owns both trines house and either of 3.6.11 houses, it will give mix results. For example, for Leo ascendant, Jupiter will give benefic results as 5th lord and malefic results as lord of 8th house.

Sloka 7

If natural benefic planets (like Jupiter, Venus, un-afflicted Mercury and strong Moon) become the lords of quadrant, they do not give benefic results. Similarly, when natural malefic planets like Saturn, Mars and Sun becomes the lord of quadrant, they do not give malefic results.

It is indicated here that natural benefic planets, if rule quadrant houses, will become neutral and stop giving their benefic results. For example, for Gemini ascendant, Jupiter is lord of 7th and 10th house. Here, Jupiter looses its natural beneficence and henceforth become malefic planet for Gemini ascendant. An important point to be noted here is that if the most benefic planet like Jupiter will stop giving its benefic result; it is considered as the major set back for Gemini native henceforth unfortunate for the native.

Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars and Sun will stop their malefic results if they become lord of quadrants. Let’s take same examples again; for Libra ascendant, Saturn as lord of 4th house, the quadrant house, will become neutral but as fifth lord, trine lord, Saturn becomes benefic; henceforth Saturn (Neutral + benefic = benefic) will give good results for Libra natives in its Vimshottari dasha.

Sloka 8

The second and twelfth lords from ascendant give good or bad results of other lordships or results of associating planets.

It means that 2nd and 12th lords give results, good or bad, of the other house ownership or of associating planets. For example, for Aries ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of 9th as well as 12th house. So, Jupiter will give benefic results of 9th lordship. Henceforth, Jupiter is considered as most auspicious planet for Aries ascendant.

Sloka 9

The lord of 12th house (house of loss) from 9th house, i.e., 8th house does not give good results. But if it is lord of ascendant also, like for Aries and Libra ascendant, it gives good results.

The 12th house is the house of loss and loss of destiny or good-luck is considered as highly inauspicious. But ascendant lord is lord of eighth house also, it will give benefic results.

Sloka 10

Jupiter and Venus (being the most benefic among nine planets) give intense malefic results by owner ship of quadrants. If they occupy killer house also at the same time ( ex: Jupiter in 7th house in Gemini ascendant), they are further more stronger. Mercury is comparatively less malefic by ownership of quadrant; and Moon is the least.

Jupiter and Venus are the natural benefic planets. If they stop giving their benefic results by taking ownership of quadrant house, it’s naturally unfortunate for the native of that ascendant.


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