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Sloka 11

Sun and Moon are exempted from the malfeasance of 8th house lordship.

Sun and Moon are the only two planets who have only one lordship.

Sloka 12

It is told earlier that a malefic planet (like Mars) become benefic by ownership of 10th house (a quadrant). But malefic planets do not become benefic just by quadrant lordship; they should be trine lord also.

As explained earlier, when any planet become quadrant lord, it stops giving its results; whether benefic or malefic. So, as per Parashari rules, quadrant lordship is the neutralizing effect. Henceforth, all planets stop their natural results. After attaining lordship of a trine house, they become benefic. For that reason it is stated earlier that when Jupiter becomes lord of 7th house and 10th house, it looses all its beneficence.

Sloka 13

Strong malefic planets (Rahu and Ketu) give results according to their position (in a house) or association (with other planets).

Rahu and Ketu are considered as the strongest malefic planets. Our classical texts mention them as three times stronger than other malefic. But as they do not own any houses, they give results of the planets they are associated with and of the houses they are posited in.

This completes Sangya Adhyaya.


Sloka 14

Quadrant and trine lord relation is considered as auspicious yoga. But they give highly auspicious results if they do not own (second) lordship of malefic houses like

For example, in the case of Capricorn ascendant, Saturn and Venus relationship will be considered as highly auspicious. But for Aries ascendant, although Saturn and Jupiter relationship will be of 9th and 10th lord; but because Saturn also rules 11th house, this relationship is not as benefic as for Capricorn ascendant (Saturn and Venus).

What do we mean by relation?

Planets form relation as per following four methods:-

1) If two planets exchange their signs. For ex: In Aries ascendant, if Jupiter is placed in 10th house and Saturn is placed in 9th house.

2) If two planets aspect each other

3) If two planets are conjunct.

4) If a planet is placed in a sign and the lord of the sign aspect it. For ex: In Aries ascendant, if Jupiter is placed in Aries sign and Mars aspect Jupiter from 10th house. Here, Jupiter is not aspecting Mars; only Mars aspect Jupiter. But we have taken it as relation because Jupiter is placed in Aries sign ruled by Mars.

Sloka 15

If quadrant and trine lords form relationship and they have some dosha (malfeasance); they still give benefic results.

Dosha: When a planet is debilitated, or in inimical sign, or combust, or weak etc. Or have lordship of malefic houses.



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