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Sloka 16

If tenth lord (quadrant lord) and ninth lord (trine lord) exchange their houses; or both are situated either in quadrant or trine; it gives RajYoga. But first one is more stronger than later.

Exchange of planets is considered as the strongest RajYoga. As we know, 9th lord is strongest trine and 10th lord is strongest quadrant; this RajYoga is the strongest in a horoscope.

Sloka 17

Either of the trine lord (fifth lord or ninth lord) if forms relation with the stronger quadrant (i.e. 10th lord); it gives RajYoga

As we know among quadrants, 10th house is the strongest quadrant. If 10th lord forms relation with either of the trine lord, it gives good RajYoga. No doubt, 9th and 10th forms the best yoga but 5th lord relation with 10th is also very auspicious.

Sloka 18

In Main period (Maha Dasha) of above mentioned yogkaraka planets and sub period (Antar-dasha) of yogkaraka planets; even if they are not related, gives good results.

In main period of functionally benefic planet, even unrelated functionally benefic planet gives good results. So we can appreciate the quantum of the benefic results if they get related.

Sloka 19

A malefic planet also gives good result in its period under main period of yogkaraka planet if it is associated with yogkaraka planet.

Sloka 20

A planet is considered to be giving RajYoga if he owns both quadrant and trine lord. If the same planet forms relation with another trine lord; it is the ultimate RajYoga.

What more we can expect!! This is the best RajYoga. For ex: In case of Libra ascendant, if Saturn forms any relation with Mercury, 9th lord, it will form the ultimate RajYoga.



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