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Sloka 21

If malefic (Rahu & Ketu) are posited in quadrant and form relation with trine lord; or Rahu and Ketu are posited in trine and form relation with quadrant lords; it’s a good RajYoga.

As Rahu (dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) have no sign lordships, if they are posited in quadrant, they behave like quadrant lord hence if trine lord associates with them it gives to similar RajYoga.

Sloka 22

It trine lord and quadrant lord are related; but they own eighth and eleventh lordships also. This relation alone does not result into RajYoga.


Sloka 23

Eighth house is the house of longevity. Third house (eighth to eighth house) is also longevity. 12th house from 8th and 3rd are 7th and 2nd houses. They are called as marak sthana (killer houses). And among the two, second house is main killer house.

Sloka 24

If possible, death may happen in the period / sub-periods (dasha) of both 2nd lord and 7th lord; or in period of malefic placed in 2nd or 7th house; or malefic associated with these lords. If none of the above period falls near the end of longevity, death may happen in period of 12th lord.

Sloka 25

If none of the above mentioned period falls near the end of longevity, benefic planet related to 12th or eighth lord may cause death of the native.



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