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Sloka 27

If none of the above mentioned periods runs, death is also possible in period of malefic planets.
Malefic planets in this Sloka relates to functional malefic only.

Sloka 28

If Saturn is malefic and forms relation with any of the killer planets; it becomes the first killer planet.

Saturn is the natural planet and rules longevity also. If Saturn is functional malefic and gets associated with any killer planets; it takes over the responsibility and becomes the first death inflicting planet.

DASHA PHALA ADHYAYA (principles for delineating periods of planets)

Sloka 29

Planets do not give expected results in sub period under their own major period.

When major period of a planet starts, the first sub period is of the same planet. It is mentioned here that this period does not give its results excepting average results. For example, if the planet is a RajYoga, it may not give its result in its own sub period and we can expect ordinary results.

Sloka 30

Planets give their good or bad results in sub periods of related planets or planets having similar nature.

For example, for Libra ascendant, Mercury, as trine lord, may give its auspicious results in main period of Saturn; another benefic planet. And Jupiter may give its malefic results in major period of Sun; another malefic planet for this ascendant.

Sloka 31

If the lord of sub period is not related to lord of main period; and also they are not similar in nature; learned should predict mix results of both planets.

Sloka 32

In main period of quadrant lord and related sub period of trine lord; it gives good results and vice versa. But if they are not related and also have malfeasance; it gives malefic results.

Sloka 33 & 34

In major period of a RajYoga causing planet and sub period of related killer planet, if time of fructification of RajYoga starts; it initiates good result which slowly increase later. And, related or unrelated benefic sub periods give good results.

Sloka 35

In main period of a benefic planet and sub period of Yogakarka planet, only good results are expected. RajYoga results are not expected.

Sloka 36

Rahu and Ketu posited in quadrants and trine give Yogakarka results even if not associated with any Yogakarka planet.

Sloka 37 & 38

Sub period of unrelated benefic planet give malefic results in main period of malefic planets. If its related, mixed results are expected. If sub period is of related yogakarka planet, it again gives mixed results. But in unrelated yogakarka planet sub period, highly malefic results are predicted.

Sloka 39

Sub period of related benefic planet under main period of malefic period is not death inflicting. But, even, unrelated malefic sub period can kill under malefic period.

Sloka 40

In main period of Saturn and sub period of Venus; Venus gives result of Saturn. And vice-versa.

Sloka 41 & 42

If ascendant lord and 10th lord are related; it’s a RajYoga.

If 9th lord and 10th lord Aries related; it’s a RajYoga.

Such natives are famous in their country or worldwide and they are victorious.

All the 42 Sloka of BPHS will be further discussed in detail in coming posts.


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