2014 Shani Ki Sade Sati Ka Phal Prabhav Shani ka Dhaiya Saturn transit in 12th house, Saturn transit on Moon, Saturn transit in second house

Results of Shani Sade Sate and Dhaiya

The most feared planet by people is Saturn among nine planets. All of us grow with this fear since childhood and slowly it forms a secure place in side our hearts. But if you consult a learned astrologer, he will guide you properly that one should not be so scared from Saturn. The seven and a half years of Saturn transit give 60% positive results. Many of Indian Prime Ministers have taken oath when they were running this, so called malefic period. My submission here is that Saturn may be a natural malefic planet but it gives benefic results for Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra and to some extent Taurus people. If Saturn is well placed in your horoscope, there is nothing to fear in this period.

So, you must be wondering what malefic result one should expect in Saturn’s Sade sati or other malefic transits?

Here is the answer:-

You can expect death of relatives or one of the parents may die in Saturn transit in 8th house or in Sade Sati. One may be hospitalized for treatment for short time or some pending surgery may be performed. One may have to go to Police Station or court for some legal mater. The gravity of the mentioned three issues will depend on individual horoscope. I mean to say, if Saturn is well placed in the horoscope, one may have to visit hospital for very short duration and for minor illness; one may have to visit police station to settle some minor dispute or get your servant verified. You may visit cremation ground due to death of far off relative. But in other case, when Saturn is badly placed in the horoscope, one may have to visit cremation ground on account of death of one of the parents; hospital for major surgical operation; and be arrested and kept in jail or some major legal issue may come up.

As per Vedic Astrology system, our classical texts suggest us to see effects from three ascendants: Sun, Moon and birth ascendant. Sun remains in a sign for approximately 30 days hence Sun sign will indicate results for people born in that 30 days. Moon remains in a sign for around over two days. So, Moon sign results will be more close and accurate. Birth Ascendant changes sign in approximately two hours hence it is the closest and the most accurate among three ascendants.

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S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert