What is Life and Who is God

Om Gan Ganpatay Namha

There are plenty of religions across this globe. People worship different forms of God in different religions and it makes no difference by which name we call the God as the almighty God is one. He himself has created His different forms and given option to people to choose any form they like or get attracted. As we do not get attracted towards every person of opposite sex we meet in our life; similarly we do not get attracted by every religion. God has given us freedom to choose any religion and also guides us to respect all religions and individuals in this universe. But there is a simple question. What for we choose religion? What is the ultimate objective of religion? What is the result of prayers and worshipping? The answer is very simple. All of us want to get the help of Almighty God for our betterment. This betterment at lower levels may be for material gains. But at higher levels, this betterment is for salvation and freedom from compulsory re-birth. Here, compulsory re-birth means that all of us have to keep taking birth after birth till we achieve salvation. Salvation here gets us freedom from compulsory re-birth and hence we get associated with God. Thereafter, when ever we take re-birth on this earth, it is for some good cause and betterment of man kind. After completing the birth, we just return back in association of God. For example, all saints have such freedom as they live for others.
If we look into each religion, we will find that within in one religion also, there are different forms of God. In Indian Hindu religion, there are hundred forms of God and people of same religion worship different forms of God and live happily. Some Indian people do not worship any form of God and they worship the divine word called OM. Some people worship only Sun as the only visible form of God.

Let’s not enter into any discussion of understanding any particular religion as our subject matter is beyond all religions. This forum is for open minded people and for the people who believe in getting salvation without getting associated with any particular form of God or religion. The learned people had said that the almighty God exists in this Universe all over and he originally exist in the form of light. This divine light is visible to us in the form of Sun. I personally agree on this concept as Sun is the source of light and energy for us. It is because of Sun that we all humans, animals, plants are alive. Sun has no religion and Sun gives its light and energy to every alive unit on this earth. And I feel indebted by the Sun henceforth do not feel any thing wrong in thanking and worshipping Sun. It’s upto the readers to choose their own form of God as the way to get salvation do not go through any particular religion and it goes through every religion.

I would like to present my humble answers for most of the questions related to this life, Nature, God, Soul, life after death, ghosts etc. Or any other question will be answered as asked by the respected readers to best capacity of my knowledge. Some of the questions which I will try to answer are:

1) What is life?

2) What is soul?

3) Is there is any life after death?

4) Does ghost exist?

5) Who is God?

6) How to live life?

7) What happens to soul after death?

8) Why we get re-birth?

9) Why someone who is a good human being suffers while other corrupt people enjoy their lives?

10) Why saints take birth, help people for no gains and finally leave these world. Some people call them fools?

11) Is my physical body different from inner subtle body and soul?
I shall first try to explain this Nature, our physical body, the soul and how one should perform his/her activities. Than in later part, I shall thoroughly cover on what exactly happens to soul after death.

I shall also present so
me real life stories at the end of this discussions for the readers.
I shall be posting minimum one post every week and I welcome comments and questions from all readers at my following mail I.D.

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Thanks & best regards

Rakesh Arora Kuber


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