Taurus sign Vrishabha rashi Characteristics, Love and Romance, Lucky Days, Colours, Stones, numbers, Name Letters

General Characteristics of Taurus Sign Vrishabha Rashi

Being a fixed and earthy sign, Taurus natives are patient and have stable nature. They have the capacity to hold themselves despite of provocation. But after they loose temper it becomes difficult to handle them (like a bull). They may carry their annoyance with others for years. As the quadrants have fixed signs, they are slow but steady in their work They do not waste their time in non productive activities and would rather prefer to relax when they are free. As Mercury rules their second and fifth house, they have high level of intellect and their words are impressive. They think twice before uttering a word as ascendant lord Venus is also a planet with high intellect. As Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, significator of wealth, Taurus natives are very smart in managing their funds. They have strong inclination towards money matters. They love to eat good quality food and you may see them visiting one of the best restaurants of the town for having their lunch or dinner. They like to wear best clothing and fond of luxuries.

As they are good thinkers, they are good planners. They know the art of executing even difficult jobs. They are good diplomats and can handle tough situations with ease. But they have their own firm ideas and it is difficult to change them. They are loyal in their love affairs and believe in keeping their spouse happy. But due to some odd promises of this ascendant, Taurus native do not get expected love and affection from their spouse. But they do not believe in divrocing their partner and try to adjust as long possible. If at all seperation takes place, it is contributed more by their partners.

They are strict parents hence there may be some issues with their children. Taurus natives may suffer on account of progeny.

As the Taurus natives are ruled by Venus, they have keen interest in music, cinema, art, acting, drama, food industry, clothing, beauticians, automobile dealers, bankers, tax managers, Astrologers etc.

Taurus natives have normal good health but they do not take their health issues seriously. They overlook the sickness which results into a problem in later years. If Venus and ascendant is afflicted by malefic planet, they mave troubles related throat, chest and heart.

As Taurus natives have keen interests in money matters, they may get inclined towards share market. The good news for Taurus natives is that the most feared planet Saturn is a benefic planet for them and it gives good results depending on other good combinations. But, the most benefic planet Jupiter is malefic for them.

Taurus Vrishabha rashi lucky days, numbers, stones

Lucky Days: 

Friday, Wednesday and to some extent, Saturday. You may spend more on Tuesdays so avoid shopping on Tuesdays. Mondays are good for short journey and writing love letters. Friday and Wednesday are good for proposing your love partner. Propose with white+red or green flowers. Thursdays are good for sudden gains but may bring in obstruction in your important deals. Avoid planning journeys on Sundays.

Lucky number: 6
Lucky Stones: Emerald and Diamond.

Lucky Colors: White, pink, green and light blue.

Taurus Vrishabha Rashi Love, Romance  and compatibility

Good with Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn
Moderate with Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries
Bad with Libra and Sagittarius

Taurus Vrishabha rashi name letters 

 E (East), Ay (aid), Oo (oodle), O (opal), Va (Wander), Vu ( wood), Vay (Way), Vo (vote)  


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