Libra sign Tula Rashi Characteristics, Love and Romance, Lucky numbers, days, stones, colours, name letters

Libra sign Tula Rashi Characteristics

The Libra is indicated by a balance and ruled by Venus. Venus natives know the art of balancing and can take fair decisions in difficult situations. If they are asked to give their judgment, you can expect impartial justice. Venus is a planet of intellect and ruled by Shukracharya (a preacher). Libra born natives are very intelligent, passionate, modest, gentle, diplomatic, cheerful, advisor, peace-loving, imaginative, easy-going, practical and intuitive They are fond of luxuries life and they look for everything of best quality. You can see them wearing one of the costliest brand clothing even if it is beyond their pocket limits. They like music, art, perfumes, luxury Cars, Fully AC house and office; and all comforts of life. You will rarely them traveling on local city bus or non AC trains. They prefer to have many servants to look after their comforts. In public discussions, they are easily identified by their peaceful and clever analysis of the subject. Libra natives are highly passionate about their marital and sexual life. Although apparently Libra sign looks to be highly material but these significations do not last through out their life. As they grow, they bend towards spiritual life and if there are other good combination in the horoscope, they highly elevate themselves on spiritual plane.

Libra natives mix up well with others. They analytical ability is extremely good and they know the art of criticizing people without hurting them on emotional front. They can defeat their enemies without even touching them. Their strategies and methodology is deep, peaceful and calm and by the time their opponents realize what is happening; they are already cornered. Librans mostly prefer to have friends of opposite sex and one can see them surrounded with plenty of them while they are studying in school and college.

Librans native spend lot of money on their friends and their friends hardly take out their purse while moving around with Librans. Libra natives are highly passionate towards opposite sex and they get attracted towards natives of opposite sex irrespective of their relationship with them. They may get attracted towards their office colleagues, subordinates and even to immediate boss. If they are teachers, they may get attracted towards own student of opposite sex. Although Librans are intelligent but they quickly get impressed by polished appreciation. They have forgiving nature and people take advantage of this nature.

Libra sign rules our Kidneys, Urinary area, region around hips, groin and lower abdomen. Librans are more prone to diseases related to kidneys, urinary stones, genital organs, lower legs, impotency, low semen count etc.

Libra natives can take up in all professions requiring high level of intellect and diplomacy; like Consultancy firm, Engineer, Advisory, Bankers, Teachers, Administrators, Politics, Ministers, Diplomats, Ambassadors, Public Relations, Film actors, Film producers, Musicians, Singers, artists, Writers etc.

Libra natives need to check on expenses and they are suggested to get married early. Librans are the most faithful love partners among twelve signs and they can adjust with almost all other Zodiac signs. They are highly courteous and rarely forget obligation of other people.

Libra sign Tula Rashi Lucky days, colors, stones, 

Lucky Days:

Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Sundays are good for financial gains. Mondays are good for professional aspects. Tuesdays are good for romance and wealth. Wednesdays are extremely good for your luck and destiny but avoid shopping on Wednesdays. Thursdays are bad except for taking loans. Fridays are good for all activities, love, romance, dating, proposing your love partner purchases etc. Saturdays are very good for purchasing property, starting education or new business, joining new job, spiritual activities, reciting divine sentences (mantras) etc.

Lucky colors: White, grey, light blue, light green, blue, pink and cream.

Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 7. Number 2 gives mix results. Number 3,6,9, are not good.

Lucky stones: Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Emerald

Libra sign Tula rashi Love Romance and Compatibility

Very Good with Aquarius, Gemini
Good with Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer,
Moderate with Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces
Bad with Sagittarius

Libra sign Tula Rashi name Letters:

Ra (rust), Raa (rahu), Ru (ruby), Ray (razor), Ro (roast), Ta (Taj Mahal), Ti (Tibbet), Tu (Tuglakabad), Tay (TainaliRama)


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