Scorpio sign Vrischika Rashi Characteristics, Love Romance and Compatibility, Lucky days, numbers, colours, stones, name letters

Scorpio sign Vrischika rashi Characteristics

Scorpio is indicated by Scorpio and ruled by Mars. This is the most secretive sign of the zodiac. Scorpions are assertive, fighters, imaginative, energetic, emotional, intuitive, explorers, bold, independent, extremist and self-reliant. You work on set goals and objectives and are capable to uncover deep secrets which normally people do not understand. You know how to handle tough situations and finally come out of it successfully. Although Scorpio natives have many good qualities but it remain unnoticed by people and even by themselves. They need someone who could bring these qualities to surface and utilize its potential. If Scorpio decides to explore a subject matter, they can do remarkably. You have the capability to lead others and keep them in your grip. Sometimes, people may be scared of going against you. You are very rational in your thought process and can convince any intellectual by your strong convincing power. You do not believe in wasting time gossiping around with friends. Scorpio natives may not begin everything properly and may have hiccups in the middle too; but you finish all tasks very smartly and get appreciation. It’s almost impossible to know about your personal things as you dislike sharing it with others. Even your best friends and spouse will not know about you. You can hide any thing from others throughout your life without any problem. You are very loyal to your friends and relatives until they try to harm you. You will not forget and forgive the person whole life who had tried to harm you at any levels. In war fronts, you can make your enemies run away from the battle field but they never see your back in the field. Scorpio natives are romantic and loyal love partners but will always be looking for an opportunity to mate with love partner. You try your best to keep you partner happy all the time as you can not compromise on your sensual pleasures.

If Scorpio sign and Mars are not well placed in the horoscope, Scorpio natives would develop many bad habits and waste time and money in it. They become sexually so possessive that they will not mind sleeping with servants. Normally, Scorpio uses their poison to protect them but here the poison is used to harm other for evil motives. They become short tempered. Their reputation gets spoiled and they are hated by the society. They may not take up any profession and become thieves, dacoits, terrorists, blackmailer, sex exploiters, rapists etc. They will interfere in personal life of friends and finally they will depart them.

Scorpio natives generally have symmetric body, broad face, above average height and good personality.

Scorpio natives are prone to diseases relating genital organs, prostrate cancer, insomnia, sudden attacks, brain tumor, low-back pain, anxiety etc.

Scorpio natives could be good explorers, researchers, insurance agents, architects, engineers involved in constructions, butchers, mechanics, builders, people working at cremation grounds, barbers, medical professionals, detectives, soldiers, warriors, fire fighters, people giving any emergency help etc.

Scorpio sign Vrischika rashi Love Romance and Compatibility

Good with Cancer, Pisces
Moderate with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus
Bad with Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo

Scorpio sign Vrischika Rashi Lucky days, colors, numbers, stones

Lucky days:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Sundays are good for professional life. Mondays support your luck and destiny. Tuesdays are auspicious for all activities. Thursdays are very good for wealth, education and relationship. Fridays are good for love and romance. Saturdays are bad. Wednesday is also bad excepting some financial gains.

Lucky Colors: Pink, red, yellow, cream, orange. Black and Navy blue are bad. Green is the worst

Lucky stones: Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, Coral

Lucky numbers: 1,2,4,7,9. Number 6 is not good.

Scorpio sign Vrischika Rashi name letters

To ( Tomar), Na (naan), Nu (Nuke), Nay (nail), No (no), Ya (yaw), Ye (yeast), Yu (Use)


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