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Nakshatra Chitra Characteristics, four pada, Kanya Rasi Tula Rashi, Virgo sign Libra signas per Vedic Indian Astrology

Chitra Nakshatra is indicated by a pearl and its presiding deity is Vishwakarma. The word Chitra means the one who shines or glitter or the brilliant. Pearl is the nature’s original creation and so are the Chitra born natives. They are brilliant and intelligent. Their creativity and intuition power is exceptionally good and they have the capacity to create new things out of nothing. They can foresee the possible future developments and can design the product for future. In nut shell, they are among pioneers and not followers. Henceforth they are highly suitable for some new constructive and creative work. They contribute a lot in R&D and they may be heading some research and development team. They become extremely good astrologers and their horoscope analysis ability can shock other astrologers. Mercury placed in this Nakshatra produces good astrologers as Virgo is its own sign and Libra is also friendly sign. Venus placed in Libra in Chitra Nakshatra also produces brilliant astrologers.

They have so strong sixth sense that their dreams often come true. You must be wondering and looking for the reasons behind such qualities. Frankly speaking, this is almighty Goddess Herself who bestows such extra ordinary capabilities. One should be proud of such great blessings of Her and should always thank Her for the same. Chitra Natives externally look quite hard and rude in their behavior but they are actually kind inside their hearts. They go out of the way to help poor and needy people. People born in first two padas of Chitra Nakshatra (Virgo sign) have many enemies who will bring many obstructions in their career growth. They suffer losses on account of enemies. Their marital life is also not very good especially they are deprived of bed pleasures. They may have serious disputes with father and senior colleagues. They may  have to leave their birth place and live separately henceforth they may be deprived of happiness from parents. They really miss their mother. But natives born in last two quarters, having Libra sign, life is entirely different. They may have their own business enterprise and make much wealth from it. Their professional life is very good and marital life is also better especially after 28 years. They are advised not to marry before 26 years especially of there are some other malefic combinations in the horoscope. Although their relationship with spouse and parents is good but they may have frequent professional travels enforcing less happiness from them.

Afflicted Chitra natives may develop a wild thinking and they form opinions which make them finally suffer. They do not bother about sentiments of others and often hurt others. They become greedy and selfish. They start making comments and giving opinions without giving any thought to it and do not finish their work in time. They delay important decisions for the last moment and finally make the mess of everything. They live in some kind of illusions and make futile efforts for creating anything new.

Chitra natives generally have thin and lean body. Some of them may have tall and muscular body. They are very passionate for opposite sex especially if they have Libra rising.

The first pada or quarter of Chitra Nakshatra 

Natives born in this Nakshatra pada are very intelligent and creative. They create new things but hide the secrets of its creation. People may know and appreciate their creations but will never come to know the secret of its creation. Such secrets remain secret as they do not reveal the same throughout their life. They can be recognized by their fair complexion, soft body, long thick arms and large unique eyes. They behave very aggressively and are egoistic.

The second pada or quarter of Chitra Nakshatra 

Natives born in this pada are famous, clever, intelligent, good writer, practical and disciplined. They are dedicated and responsible people. They take every activity of their life very seriously. But they may create enmity with others through their writings and communication. They can be recognized by their soft but strong body and large eyes.

The third pada of Chitra Nakshatra 

It makes the native expert in social dealings. They become good businessmen and earn good wealth. They are highly passionate for opposite sex and give lot of love and care to their life partner. They are fond of travel and earn plenty of wealth through traveling. They can be recognized by their tall height, whitish complexion, large beautiful eyes and sharp features.

The fourth pada of Chitra Nakshatra 

Natives born in this pada become good researchers and creators. They get sudden gains in life through their research work. The marital life may have some initial hiccups but slowly things settle down to normal especially after 28th year. They can be recognized by their meeting eye-brows, round eyes, slender waist and dark complexion.

Chitra Nakshatra Profession: Astrologers, Researchers, R&D people, creators, writers, designers, film industry people, artists, surgeons, businessmen, salespersons, stage performers, hotel industry, models, musicians etc.

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