Life After Death Experiences. What happens to Soul after death

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The time in between Death and Re-birth

This is a very common question asked by people that how many days or months it takes for re-birth. The answer to this question is: “depends”. There is no definite or fix time for all souls to take re-birth. It decides on individual deeds or karmas and the kind of thoughts and impressions a native was carrying before he died. The re-birth may take place within few months or it may take hundreds or thousands of years. A person with high emotional levels and attachments generally take re-birth quickly on this earth. Also, people who die early before completing their age due to accidents take re-birth much earlier than others. Actually, these are the cases in which we had found that a native remembers his past life relatives. And many a times, when their parents approached the place of previous birth; all information was found to be correct. Do we need any further evidences to prove re-birth? But such incidents do not happen very frequently. A person who lives a noble life takes re-birth after very long time; spending his time in other celestial world.

A person who is involved in the material plane on selfish grounds and who spends his/her own life only to enjoy sensual pleasures and give pain to others under goes lot of sufferings after death of physical body. He or she just wanders around in the atmosphere looking around to gratify his / her senses and hunger. Such less evolved souls just wait and wait for years before they are granted new birth. People involved in criminal acts or other malefic activities of hurting others by misusing secret powers of God suffer considerably before any re-birth. They may have to wait for thousands of years before any re-birth. Our ancestors say that such people go to hell but learned people consider this earth as hell only. So we must appreciate that remaining on this earth after death or even taking re-birth is nothing but returning to hell. Now, a simple question arises here that how a subtle body eats and enjoy sex without physical body. I will explain it now:-

Scientifically, it is proved that an insect or honey bee takes the nectar out of a flower but it does not reduces the weight of the flower. Our physical body consumes the food as a whole with its fiber and other ingredients. Our physical body absorbs the food to form the blood and rest of the food is excreted out. I had mentioned earlier, no one knows including our science that how our body absorbs that food to form the blood. Similarly we also have no answer on how an insect takes the nectar from the flower without reducing its weight.

Actually, our subtle body does not consume food as a whole and it requires just the contents responsible for making the blood. Let me take another example. When we worship God, we offer sweets and food to them with the expectation that they will consume the food. Do they consume the food as a whole? No? Because different forms of God have divine body and not this material physical body; and they do not consume the food as a whole but only the nectar part of it. So it is not just the individual faith that God has consumed the food but it is the fact that divine forces consume nectar part of it. In any situation, whatever attributes our physical body exhibits; it originally came through subtle body only. So all of us, whether divine souls or simpler subtle bodies have same basic characteristics.
The subtle bodies are empowered to enter other common physical bodies, generally for shorter duration, and gratify their sensual pleasure. In some rare cases, some subtle bodies occupy some other physical body for longer durations. This is the case when such person behaves abnormally and referred to psychiatrists or other spiritual healers. Such cases are actually not purely medical cases and require parallel treatment from spiritual healers.


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