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Nakshatra Swati

Nakshatra Swati Characteristics, four Pada and Tula Rashi Libra Sign as per Indian Vedic Astrology System

The word swa means “self” and Swati means self-going. Swati’s other meaning is “sword”. Its deity is Vayu. Swati Nakshatra is symbolized by a new young plant under the influence of blowing wind. The symbol of Swati Nakshatra has clear connection with child or childhood and flexible nature. Its’ an old saying that a child is like a young plant with soft and flexible shoot hence its easy to mold him or her in any direction. But after a child grows and become a man, like a young flexible plant grows and become hard tough tree, it is very difficult to change. Swati Nakshatra natives are flexible and changeable in nature. This changing attribute is also indicated by its deity Vayu. Swati natives generally live smooth life due to their flexible and adjusting nature. They believe in going in the direction of flowing river instead of swimming against it. It is not indicated here that they tend to compromise with their goals and objectives; rather as they grow older their knowledge improves considerably and their presentation and communication skills could be as sharp as a sword. They are generally highly ethical, intelligent and loyal. Swati natives have wisdom to appreciate long term effects of any activity. They rarely repeat mistakes in life. We also need to remember that Swati Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu and Goddess Saraswati; and she is the Goddess of intellect and education. They get good all round education but rise late in life. We must not get carried away by Libra sign which generally promotes sensual pleasures. People born in Tula rashi and Swati Nakshatra are among the top saints in the world.

Swati natives are generally very kind hearted and helpful in nature. They can go to any extent to help others but at their wish and decision. They are impartial in nature and give equal respect to all whether rich or poor. They could be very soft and respectful even to sweeper of their office and they could be hard and fiery to head of the office. They give respect to others on the basis of moral grounds and intellect. They could be sometime so flat that they may not show any interest to meet even the top star of the country. They are simply indifferent and love to live an independent life. They will dislike anybody who may try to enforce even a small thing. One can blindly trust them as they do not cheat. They are the best life partners but with a word of caution that never ever try to hurt their trust and emotions. Avoid any sort of criticism. On one side, they may be very loyal but if cheated, they may go to any extent to take revenge. A very common problem observed in most of the Swati Nakshatra natives; doing things at last moment. They tend to defer and delay any decision for the last moment. They believe in slow and steady progress; which is a good trait but sometimes it results into slipping of important opportunities in life. The self elevation of Swati Nakshatra is very important aspect of their life as otherwise they loose the direction of life. Although, Swati natives believe in independent going; but they desperately need a guide at every important situation of their life. They may find it difficult to find one physical body but they certainly get help from almighty God. It is highly recommended to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati at Shivalya every morning.

The most feared planet, Saturn is the most benefic planet for born with Swati Nakshatra. If Saturn becomes benefic through ascendant also; nothing more one can expect from God.

Swati Nakshatra married life

Swati Nakshatra love and romance life will be generally good as they are liked by the people of opposite sex. They have good physique and sharp features which attracts people of opposite sex. Swati Nakshatra marital life is also good but as they grow older, their inclination towards spirituality increases. Swati natives are good life partners and one can trust them.

Swati Nakshatra Child (Progeny)

Swati natives generally have elder daughter who proves to be very lucky for them. Their may some problems and delay in getting male child. If any such difficulty arises, worshipping Sun and Goddess Parvati will ward off the evils.

Swati Nakshatra Education; School and College life

Swati Nakshatra and Tula rashi natives are very intelligent and get good all round education. Their education is not restricted to just school or college books. Swati natives become good spiritual advisors and even Astrologers in later part of their life (after 30 years). Swati natives have special interests in singing, music and dance. They could do well in mathematics, history, chemistry, medical science or any type of research study.

Swati Nakshatra Career, Profession and wealth

Swati native rises late in life especially after 32 years. Their financial situation gradually improves and their life in between 36 to 58 years is at par excellent. They can become good astrologers, teachers, writers, singers, dancers, musicians, stage performer, actor, government employees, people associated with government work, highly dependable employees, self employed, technical expert, businessman, public relation officers, spokesperson in a political party, sportsman, lawyers, diplomats, leaders of any serving class people, fliers, pilots etc.

Swati Nakshatra Lucky Colours

Grey, light blue, blue, cream and white

Swati Nakshatra Lucky years

25, 26, 27, 30, 32, 36 and 42 years

As you may be aware, there are four charanas or padas or quarters in each Nakshatra. If you look at your horoscope, you will easily come to know the Nakshatra pada you are born. It is I, II III or IV. In case if you find any difficulty in finding the same, please go to nakshatravedicastrology.blogspot.com.

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If you are born in:-

Swati Nakshatra and first Pada

You are just brilliant and outstanding. You are among the people who can stand and deliver at any time. In group discussions and debates, you can win from both sides as you are capable of proving anything right or wrong at your own sweet will. Sometimes, you may be deceptive in your behavior as others will not understand your stance. It becomes difficult to appreciate which party you belong to. You can become outstanding teacher, writer, spokesperson, stage performer etc. You love short travels. Though you will prefer to have chauffeur driven car but at the same you will not mind driving yourself to near by town. You may find it difficult to adjust with your father and delay in male progeny is also indicated. People of opposite sex will get quickly impressed with your intelligence and soft manners. Your marital life will be overall good. People born in this pada can be recognized by their fair complexion, slender body, long fingers and some-what horse like face.

Swati Nakshatra and second Pada

You are not like general Swati natives who get slowly inclined towards spiritualism. Your priorities in life will be your personal financial growth and stability. You will have keen interests in attaining all types of knowledge required to make money. Though you may be slow in learning, but you will mature over a period of time. It is difficult to cheat people born in this Nakshatra. Your career and professional growth will be good. You are suggested not to suspect your love partner and try build up long term relationship. Your marital life will be ordinary. People born in this pada can be recognized by their dark complexion, slender arms and shoulders, small eyes and nose, sad appearance and his / her coward nature. 

Swati Nakshatra and Third Pada

This is the best pada of Swati Nakshatra as it promotes both financial and spiritual progress. You will get good all round education as you will never get tired of learning. People may not notice your mental and intellectual growth but you are fully capable of surprising people at later stage. You will have excellent life, name and fame after 42 years. Your love, marital and family life is very good. People born in this pada may be recognized by their slightly dark complexion, simple features,  strict nature and sharp intellect.

Swati Nakshatra and fourth Pada

People born in this pada of Swati Nakshatra are highly flexible and adaptable in difficult situations. They are intelligent but emotional. You need to work little harder as compare to people born in other padas but success is assured at some point of time. Your social circle would be of great help to you. Though people of opposite sex get quickly attracted towards you but some unwanted disputes may arise with your love partner or spouse. Avoid taking unnecessary loans as it would be the cause of mental agony. Natives born in this pada may be recognized by their sharp beautiful features, fair complexion, heavy body, large eyes and knowledge about ancient classical texts.

To ward off evils of Swati Nakshatra, Worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga will be highly auspicious. One can also worship Goddess Saraswati.

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