Life After Death Experiences. What happens to Soul after death

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Life After Death Experiences. What happens to Soul after death?

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The transmigration of soul is a subject of spiritual knowledge which interests people all over the globe. All of us want to know that what will happen to me after I die? Is it the end of everything or I will exist after the death of this physical body. Though there are millions of people in this world who had experienced the departed souls but it is surprising that we do not find any approved documentation on the subject. There are many things which are beyond the limits of logical Human mind. The concept of re-birth is also not connected with our physical mind hence forth as a common person; we literally know nothing about it. When a child takes admission in Nursery class, he or she knows nothing about education. At that stage, we do expect the child to show his or her ignorance about any subject. Whatever education or environment we grow, it forms our ideas and mind. After reaching the maturity age, it is very difficult to change our ideas and views about anything. So, before we start understanding or learning any fresh subject, we need to open our mind for new learning or else we may end up re-making same opinion we had earlier.

How do we define death?

Death is nothing but separation of the inner subtle body from this physical body. In later chapters, I will explain about soul, inner subtle body and other details related to soul and subtle body. For the convenience of the learned readers, I will be using the words “soul” and “Physical body”. Death does not demolish us and our personality. Death takes us to another life rather higher form of life which we are currently not aware of. This nature in which we live is nothing but illusion. We develop attachment and intimacy for the worldly objects and feel it as true. When we go to watch our favorite movie at week-end, we enjoy every moment of it; we live in it, may be for short moment. Although we all know that what we are watching is a false drama but we enjoy the illusion for couple of hours. This is the same illusion from we have to come out. And we can come out of it if we will know that this physical life is nothing but illusion. As we change our worn-out old clothes, our soul changes the physical body. Life is a continuous process and death of physical body is an intermediate process. As we go to sleep every night and wake up next morning, so is death and re-birth. The word death is for the physical body made of five nature elements (Fire, earth, air, water and ether). It is not for the soul. In simple words, it is transmigration of soul or a step towards reincarnation. It is not yet proved scientifically and I doubt if it could be proved in future. Science has to unfold many pending mysteries which have to be done on physical levels. For example, our science has no clue about blood formation in our body. Billions of dollars had been spent on this research but you will be surprised to know that there is no clue about it!

When the physical body dies, soul come out of the body and start moving in the surrounding air. The soul can see other souls and physical bodies. But common human can not see souls. All of us can see them; you can see them, but to see them, we first need to believe that the soul exists. As mentioned earlier that the physical body is made up of five nature elements. It is by now (scientifically also) proved that everything in this world has some aura around it. The spiritually elevated people and divine forces of God has body with fire element predominance. The common human aura has earth element predominance. Aquatic animals have water dominant body and birds have air dominant body.

As we all know that these five elements of our body give us qualities as their name suggest. Fire gives us warmth; air gives movement; water gives liquidity and ether gives space. In the next post, I will go into further details of subtle body and soul.

Rakesh Arora Kuber
Spiritual Advisor and Vedic Astrologer

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