Life After Death Experiences. What happens to soul after death

Life After Death Experiences. What happens to soul after death

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What is Soul?

Sun is the source of energy for us on this earth. If we see Sunlight in a mirror or water, it gets reflected and we can see the reflection. Although the reflected light which we see from the mirror is originally from the Sun but apparently it appears that light is coming out of the mirror. The almighty God in His first form exists as Light. This is the same light of the Sun. Sun in Himself is not the Almighty God as there thousands of stars bigger than Sun in this universe. But as far we are concerned, Sun is the closest star to earth and henceforth a form of God for us. God with His will had created this whole universe and many people call God as nature. Our soul is also nothing but the reflection of almighty God (Sun) and we can call it as Individual Soul whereas the almighty God (Sun) is called as Supreme Soul. The almighty God uses His 1/4th power to create and manage this whole Universe. The balance 3/4th part of God remains within the God Himself. The soul being part of the almighty God never destroys. This soul is immortal. But at primary levels this soul has no shape or body so there has to be some other important factors which differentiate the two individuals. Let us understand those:-

1) Subtle Body

2) Mind

3) Sense organs or five senses

4) Chief Vital Air (Prana)

5) Desires and Impressions of our deeds (good or bad)

What is subtle body?

Subtle body is the micro body within our physical body. It is like the bladder in the football. It gives you identity without any physical form. After we die, our recognition is made through this body. This is the body which carries all past lives information through our mind and senses. All dreams are related with the mind of subtle body. At the time of death, our senses and impressions are withdrawn in the subtle body and get stored in it. Like semen has all the information for creation of new birth and seed has stored information of a tree; our subtle body stores all information for the new birth. It is because of withdrawal of our senses from physical body to subtle body, physical body stops functioning. In the common language, people call this subtle body as spirit or ghost.

What is mind?

Mind is our consciousness. As you know, in our common language, we use words like conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind relates to our physical mind whereas sub-conscious mind is related to our subtle body. Physical mind has memories of current birth only but our sub-conscious mind has memories of all previous births. For that reason psychiatrists can do regression and take people to past life. All of us can connect ourselves with this sub-conscious mind while present in the physical body. It requires self efforts, meditation, Yoga etc at spiritual levels.

What are Senses?

There are five types of Senses:-

a) See (Eyes)

b) Feel (through skin)

c) Taste (Tongue)

d) Hear (ears)

e) Think (Mind)

What is Chief Vital Air? (Prana)

The vital air (Prana) term here is used for one of the important element of this universe; Air. As we know air signifies movement or travel; it supports in the movement of anything in physical form or for the movement of soul and subtle body in atmosphere. This air element is responsible for five activities:-

a) Circulation of blood

b) Digestion of food

c) Excretion of urine

d) Respiration

e) Movement

At subtle level, the main function of chief air (Prana) is to carry our subtle body with mind and senses. I am not mentioning about soul here as it is explained earlier that soul is like nucleus of an atom and soul is the life energy of almighty God because of which this whole universe exist. As the current is the essence of all electrical objects but current does not move on its own and requires wiring; similarly the soul requires a subtle body and air (Prana) for movement from one physical body to another. After we attain salvation (Nirvana), the soul disappears in the atmosphere (the Supreme Soul). Let us take another example of Sea. Consider Sea as Supreme Soul. Take out a drop of water from the sea. Consider it as individual soul. But when we pour it back into the sea (Supreme soul), the drop of water (individual soul) mixes in the sea and henceforth looses its identity as individual drop. This is salvation.

posted by : Rakesh Arora Kuber
Spiritual Advisor and Vedic Astrologer


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