Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

If Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn is placed in either first, fourth, seventh or tenth house from Lagna; in exaltation or its Mool Trikona sign or own sign; it forms the Panch MahaPurush Yoga.

If the planet is in deep exaltation, it gives the best results followed by simple exaltation,Mool Trikona sign and own sign in decreasing order.

But the mentioned yoga gets canceled:-

1) If Sun joins the planet.
2) If weak Moon joins the planet making Raj Yoga
3) If any debilitated planet joins them.
4) If a planet is posited with them in inimical sign.

If the Raj yoga gets canceled, it gives ordinary benefic results.

The yoga formed by Mars is called as Ruchaka Yoga. The native will be strong, healthy, famous, skilled, victorious, rich, king like, happy and will live up to 70 years.

The Yoga formed by Jupiter is called as Hamsa Yoga. The native will have prominent nose, beautiful feet, impressive personality,fair complexion and noble character. He will be popular among females and will be highly knowledgeable. He will live up to 84 years.

The yoga formed by Venus is called as Malavya Yoga. The native will have very attractive physical appearance, sharp features and knowledge of classical texts. He will be handsome, talented, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, possessive for opposite sex and rich. He will possess good vehicles and facilities to live luxurious life. He will live up to 77 years of age.

The yoga formed by Saturn is called as Sasha Yoga. The native will be head of a village or town or army war team. He will have knowledge of metals and be expert in arguing any subject. He will worship goddess and have charitable nature. He will get attracted towards other females and will live up to 70 years.

The yoga formed by Mercury is called as Bhadra Yoga. The native will have lion like face and will walk like an elephant. He will have heavy limbs, well developed chest and proportionate body. He will be intelligent, rich and famous and will help his friends and relatives. He will live up to 80 years.

The planet giving Raj Yoga should be strong. The planet forming Rajyoga will give its full results in its Dasha / Antardasha. The planet will give results of its lordship, placement and significations.

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