Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 1st House

Sun in first house is considered auspicious. If friendly planets like Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are in association with Sun or in fifth house or in ninth house from Sun, it further adds to the benefic effects of Sun. Mars is also friendly to Sun but Mars in fifth house from Sun is not auspicious for male child. 

Inimical planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn can spoil the benefic effects if they associate with Sun. Saturn in eighth house from Sun is not good for the longevity of wife.

If there is no planet in the 7th house from Sun, person should marry before 24 years as it will prove highly beneficial for the native. Or native should install a hand pump in his ancestral house. But the benefic effects of installing hand pump will appear after 10 years henceforth, it should be installed before the age of 14 years of the native.

A person with Sun in first house should try for a government job as it will prove very beneficial to the native.

If Venus is in conjunction with Sun in the first house, native should not make any relationship other than wed-lock as it will destroy the native's reputation and wealth. Native should never do intercourse in day time when Sun is placed in first house. If a native performs sex in day time specially when Venus conjuncts Sun in first house, it will destroy the health of the wife. If Rahu or Ketu also joins this Sun + Venus combination in first house, it could cause serious health problems to the native's wife. If native forms any relations other than wed-lock, he will suffer to the extent of litigation and arrest. The wife of the native should stop eating Jaggary (Gur).

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Astro - Vastu Consultant