Lal Kitab Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

To get freedom from addiction of alcohol, following Lal Kitab remedies are effective:-

1) Take some leaves of Palash (Dhak) tree. Put some mustard oil on it. Crush the leaves and throw it outside your home. When you crush the leaves, think in your mind that you are crushing the urge of drinking of that person. Crush it with little anger. After coming back home, take bath or at least wash your hands and face.

2) Take the empty bottle used by the person. Fill acid in it and keep it in some hidden place where no one could see it. Wait for three months for improvement. In case if there is no improvement, take the wine bottle used by the person with some left out alcohol. Bury it at some lonely place and come back home. Do not look behind. Take a bath and change your clothes. While burying the bottel, think in your mind that you have killed the urge of drinking of that person and now your burying like a dead body is buried.

You can do the remedies on Tuesdays.

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S Kuber RA

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