Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 7th House

Sun in Seventh House

Sun in seventh house is not considered auspicious as this is the house of debilitation of Sun.

The family of the native gets spoiled in short time. Family will start suffering right from the birth of the native and malefic results will intensify by the time native starts speaking. Sister of Father will also suffer. Native will have some problems related to spiritual. The male child of the native will be either dumb or mental. Sun placed alone in 7th house will spoil good significations of Venus like marriage, social status of spouse, skin, green animal food, white cow, love etc.

If native gets some authority post and he handles it softly OR native becomes businessman and handles his customers by hot temperament; native will get spoiled. Excess anger, habit of using excess salt, doing everything as per wishes will result into defame and evil results. Family members will be less. Wealth will deplete. There may be tendency to suicide if other planets are also ill placed. Jupiter's remedy will be useful.

When Venus or  malefic are placed in 2nd house, some suffering female will try to associate with the native and become his liability. His own wife will also suffer on account of her parents sufferings. It is possible that no one remains in native's in laws. Native himself may not get much bad effects of this placement. Native will be forced to associate with unrelated affections.
When Jupiter, Venus or malefic are placed in 11th house and Mercury is ill placed in any other house, one can expect very bad results. There will be so many deaths in the family that there will be hardly any body left in the family who will arrange shroud. There will be sufferings on account of government and job. Native may suffer from asthma, T.B. etc and both husband and wife will have extreme sufferings till 34 years. There will be extreme difficulty in locating the disease and even native will not find suitable doctor. Native will suffer due to pitra dosha. There will be incidents of suicide, fire accidents, loss of wealth by cheating and fraud etc. There will be conditions like a person who has run away from his house and family due to extreme sufferings. Native may loose his mental balance. Native will have irritating, selfish nature and will completely frustrated due to extreme sufferings.Wealth obtained from government or job will be completely lost.

When Mercury is placed in 9th house, native will loose faith on all. He will be under huge debts.

When Mercury does not join this Sun or Mercury gives no support to this Sun, native will be almost bankrupt.

Native will suffer from skin disease like Leucoderma when Saturn or Mars are placed in 2-12 and Moon is placed in 1st house.

When Ketu is placed in 1st house or Mercury is placed in 11th house, native will become either soft authority holder or hot temper businessman and get spoiled. Birth of grand son (either) will result into loss of health.

When there is no planet in 1st house, Sun will give no results or bad results. The auspicious results will be obtained only when planet posited in 8th house will come to 2nd house. This will happen in 13,  29, 41, 54, 64, 72, 86, 98, 119 years of life.

The wife of the native will have comfortable life until she maintains her character and lives as per tradition of the family. If she fails to do so, she will develop ill health and suffer. Her parents may also suffer on that account. The wealth of the family may disappear. To ward off these evils, native should help girls under puberty age and look after her sister.

When Sun is in seventh house, native may get emotionally attached with some old lady. He will look after her and her family. But it will become a burden for the native. The native either do not involve himself in any type of donations but whenever he donates, he can donate even his gold. After the birth of native, financial position of his parents had improved. Native may suffer from skin diseases and serving white cow will prove inauspicious for him.

Sun and Moon in seventh house give their independent results. But if Rahu, Ketu or Saturn joins them, it will give inauspicious results especially to wife.

Sun and Mars in seventh house give their independent results. But Sun dominates in seventh house.

Sun and Mercury in 7th house give auspicious results. If Venus is well placed in the chart, native’s wife will be from rich family. The native himself will be of good character. He may not get much benefit from the government but he will have good income. The knowledge of astrology will be beneficial for the native despite he may not make it a profession. Native may experience some malefic results on his children till 34th year of his life.

Sun and Jupiter in 7th house will give independent results. Both the planets do not give good results in seventh house in general. But we can perform remedy for either or both the planets placed in seventh house.

Sun and Venus in 7th house gives good results for the native himself but he fights with his wife. If native is living in his ancestral house, he should not use red color for painting or in floor tiles.

Sun and Saturn in 7th house gives malefic results to the wife of the native. He will destroy his wealth and peace by quarreling with others especially in old age. Native may have ill health in his young age. He will suffer from government or people in authority. As a remedy, native should put coconut in flowing water after getting analysis of the chart from expert. Native should not plant Kikar tree at his home or there should not be any kikar tree casting shadow on his house. Crows will prove unlucky for him. If Sun and Saturn are placed in Mars house or Mars aspect this combination, native’s health will not suffer.

Sun and Rahu in 7th house gives their independent results. Native should not keep dog as a pet. He should be careful in financial dealings as people may cheat him. He should also stay away from any type of trading.

Sun and Ketu in seventh house gives bad result for the male child of the native but this combination does not give any malefic effects on the financial aspects.

Remedies for malefic Sun in seventh house

1) Serve hornless red or black cow.
2) Sprinkle some milk on a burner of burning gas stove just before switching off the burner in the night. Also make sure, that the burner is not lit on again before next morning.
3) Bury square piece of copper in the earth.
4) Reduce salt intake.
5) Husband and wife should not indulge in sex in day time as it will adversely affect the health

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