Lal Kitab Remedies to get rid of Smoking

Smoking is one of the bad habit which is difficult to quit. There are many people who had asked me how to quit smoking and suggested me to put a post on best ways to quit smoking cigarette. If you want help to quit smoking free; or you want tips and easy Astrology Remedies, please do the following:

Take the pack of cigarette used by the smoker. Tie it in non shining red cloth and keep it in a hidden place at your home. Observe for three months. If you see no improvement, than throw the old pack. Take a fresh pack in similar way. Put some saffron in it and tie it in yellow saffron color cloth and keep it in a hidden place at your home.

When you are trying to leave smoking, you can do following simple remedies:-

1) Drink milk every day in between Sun rise to Set after putting little Jaggery (Gud) and Saffron (Kesar) in it.

2) Do not consume fried or oily things. Take simple easily digestible food.

3) Take good amount of fresh fruits and Juices everyday.

4) Take some barley (Joo). Touch it with your head and leave it in the temple. Leaving it at Lord Hanuman Temple will be good.

5) Every morning, do pranayam under guidence of expert.

6) Prepare some sweet using Jaggery. Cover it with silver foil and put little saffron on it. When you feel the urge of smoking, put little sweet in your mouth.

7) Do not keep relation with people who have no son or may have only one eye.

8) Take saffron every morning and put little Ganga Jal in it to make a thick paste. If you find any difficulty in making a paste, put little bit of Turmeric (Haldi) in it. Offer Tilak to Lord Vishnu. Take the left out paste and Tilak your self using ring finger. Put little paste at the top of your head (the place where braid starts); on your tongue and naval region.

9) Serve Pipal tree every day.

10) Respect your elders especially your father and brother.

It is not mandatory to do every remedy everyday. You can choose from 1-9 and do as many possible. Remedy 10 should be done. After you quit smoking, please provide your feed-back and experiences. After six months of leaving the cigarette, throw that cigarette pack outside your home.

S Kuber RA

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