Terrorism and Astrological Remedies

Its a big problem today of terrorism.

What terrorist wants?

How to solve the problem of terrorism?

Are terrorist really against mankind?

How to remove terrorism?

The answer is simple. They are also human beings like us but someone has misguided them. Many of them are like us but they feel harassed. Why? Some one has used them for their benefit and used their emotions.

Simple solution to remove terror in this world is to understand them. Lets understand their emotions and understand their problems. But what is the astrological remedy to remove terrorism?

Lets set up an institute for blinds. 10,000 blinds. And serve them. Yes 10,000 blinds in one institute and serve them.  The most powerful person of the country may serve them personally once in the beginning and let the institution run under government supervision.. It will help the country solve the problem of terrorism. But the people in power will have to understand and appreciate their problems and solve it.

S Kuber RA

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