Lal Kitab Remedies to wake up early in the morning

It is an old saying that early to bed and early to rise, makes the man, healthy wealthy and wise. As per our mythology, it is considered highly auspicious to wake up early in the morning well before Sun rise time. This is the period when there is positive energy in the environment but we can get this energy if we are awake.

Now a days, its very common to see children sleeping till late mornings on holidays. Even adults also wake up late in the morning. We often try hard to wake up early in the morning but keep buying few more minutes to sleep.

Is there any astrological remedy to wake up early in the morning?

The answer is yes and the remedy is very simple.

Buy some perfumed incense sticks of jasmine, rose, champa, sandalwood etc. Burn few of them (mix-up) in the morning in the bed room of sleeping person. You have to start doing this activity half hour before his/her normal wake up time. Slowly reduce the wake up time and take it to the desired period in 40 days. It should be done continuously for 40 days without break.

You can give a break after 40 days and repeat it again.

You will be surprised to see them waking up without even asking for it.

Please give your feedback and valuable comments after doing the remedy.

S Kuber RA

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