Kaal Sarp Dosh and Astrology Remedy

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh. Do I have Kaal Sarp Dosha in my horoscope? If you would like to know whether you have kaal sarp dosh in your horoscope, there is no need to consult any one. You can yourself check if you have kaal sarp dosha in your horoscope. Many a times people call me and tell me that I have Kaal Sarp Dosh in my horoscope so suggest astrological remedies; but there was no Kaal Sarp yoga in the horoscope. Is it possible to check Kaal Sarp Dosha in the horoscope? The answer is YES and it is very simple.

When all the seven planets are on either side of Rahu and Ketu, it forms the Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Rahu and Ketu always remain opposite to each other i.e. When Rahu is placed in a house, Ketu will be just opposite to it in seventh therefrom. 

There are many types of Kaal Sarpa yoga arising due to placement of Rahu and Ketu and Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu and Ketu will also vary accordingly. 

But when Rahu is placed in 3rd or 6th house and Ketu is placed in 9th or 12th houses, it causes Raj Yoga. Or When Rahu and Ketu forms any relation with auspicious planets of the chart, it forms Raj Yoga.

Many a times Rahu and Ketu when well placed and involved in Raj Yoga, give extremely good results and financial prosperity to the native. There are many notable personalities, actors and great businessmen in this world having Kaal Sarpa yoga in their charts. Hence one should not conclude that Rahu and Ketu always give negative results.

When Rahu and Ketu affect the native adversely, he / she faces hurdles and problems till the age of 42 or 48 years hence late rise in life. There are many simple remedies one can perform to ward off evils of Kaal Sarpa Dosha. You can perform either or all of them as per your own choice. None of the remedy has any side effects.

1) Put a photograph of Lord Krishna dancing on Kaliya Naag on southern wall of your room.

2) Worship Lord Shiva and offer milk every day in Shivalya. Please take advice from any knowledgeable person on how to worship at Shivalya. Or you can contact us for free advice.

3) Purchase two snakes (Nag-Nagin). Feed them with milk and leave them in some forest in the name of sacrifice. Do this remedy under supervision.

4) On Maha Shivratri, worship whole night and attend all four Rudri Path. Fast on that day. For complete details, please ask for free assistance. Send your birth details for free assistance and remedies.

5) Offer pair of snakes made of silver at Shivalya on Maha Shivratri.

6) Serve dogs especially one completely black dog and one black-n-white dog every day. Offer them little bread (Roti) from your own food after adding little milk in it.

7) Worship snakes on Nagpanchmi. Offer them milk.

8) Perform remedies as prescribed by Lal Kitab Expert according to placement of Rahu and Ketu in your horoscope. Ask for free remedies.

9) Do not buy any Kaal Sarpa Yantra and keep them at home.

10) There is a special mantra to ward off evils of Kaal Sarpa dosha. You can ask your astrologer. Or you can also write to us with your birth details for free assistance.

11) Worship Nav Durga every Navratra.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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I thank you to guide us on upaye of Kal Sarp and I will try to follow some of these. Please guide me the right way of worshipping the Shivalya everyday. Thanks

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