Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, planet posited in first house is considered as the King of the Horoscope. Jupiter placed in first house generally gives auspicious results as first house is the house of Mars and exaltation house of Sun; and both are very friendly to Jupiter. Jupiter placed in first house makes the person learned and intelligent. Native generally gets higher qualifications like MBA or other technical education depending on other combination in the horoscope. Even if native does not get higher education, he will still be talented, knowledgeable, earn good wealth and get good respect in the society. Native will grow in his life if he respects his traditional values, religion and elders. 

Native is benefited if he / she associates with or does work related to Moon and Ketu. He / she will have good health and may have obese body. He will have dynamic personality and outwardly appear as Lion but he will have clean heart, peaceful nature and will have very sharp intellect to understand what others have in their mind. I mean to say that he / she will have natural ability to read others mind. He will not be scared from enemies and will boldly face any situation. He will believe in proving himself better than others by not criticizing others rather he himself will outperform others. If Mercury is also well placed, he will be highly learned and skilled in many fields. 

Jupiter in lagna generally gives long life to the native, at least 75 years. But accrording to LaL Kitab, if Jupiter is posited with Rahu in a house, Jupiter gives inauspicious results. Even Vedic Astrology also considers Rahu+Jupiter combination as Guru Chandaal Yoga. Even if Jupiter is placed in inimical sign and Nakshatra of Rahu, Jupiter gives inauspicious results and he is deprived of benefic results of Jupiter in Lagna or first house.

When Moon is also well placed in horoscope, native prospers with the age and becomes like a saint in later age. 

When there are no malefic in 1,2,5,9,11,12 and 7th house is also auspicious; natives gets ancestral wealth and gold. 

If there is no planet placed in 7th house and native gets married or involves in work related to Venus, he gets auspicious results. But it may adversely affect father's longevity if native gets married before 28 years especially in the age of 24 or 27 years or he builds a house or he begets male child before the mentioned age.

When Sun / Moon / Mars are placed in 1,2,4 houses, native gains lot of wealth through government.

When Sun is placed in 9th house, native himself and his family members will have long life.

Even if Jupiter is not well placed in the horoscope and he faces problems in his life, Jupiter will still give auspicious results from the age of 49 years if native does not ask for free help from others and lives his life with self pride.

When Rahu is placed in 8th house, father of the native may have problems like Asthma or Heart trouble or nervous breakdown or severe weakness in legs. 

Native of Jupiter in first house should not curse any body. It will benefit himself in the long run.

When Saturn is placed in 5th house, it adversely affects native's living place and his health and children. 

When Saturn is placed in 9th house, it adversely affects native's health.

Generally Jupiter and Saturn conjunction gives auspicious results. But if this conjunction takes place in 2/5/9/12 houses and Saturn is malefic in the chart, it gives adverse results. If native involves himself in work related to Saturn, he miserably fails and his health also suffers.  He is deprived of any help from destiny and native gets deep sorrow. When Malefic and inimical planets like Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu (Ketu excluded) are placed in 2/5/9/12 houses, it gives inauspicious results and may indicate Pitra Rina. 

Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter in I House
1) Native should never curse anybody. It will benefit him in the long run.
2) Native should respect his traditional values, religion and elders.
3) Native should get higher education as will certainly help him in his prosperity.
4) Native should live with his father especially when Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in a horoscope.
5) Native should wear gold and use Kesar to put tilak on forehead, neck and naval. One can take milk with added Kesar (Saffron).
6) If malefic planets (excluding Ketu) or planets inimical to Jupiter are in conjunction with Jupiter, one should perform remedies related to that planet.
7) Native can follow his parental business if possible.
8) If possible, native should keep braid. 
9) Native should touch the feet of his father and elder brother every morning and take their blessings.
10) Use yellow cloths on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert