Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon in 1st House

Moon is ruled by Lord Shiv as per Lal Kitab

Moon rules our heart and it takes light from Sun like other planets. Sun is a firy and hot planet but Moon is considered as cool planet. Like Goddess Lakshmi likes to sit near the lotus feet of Shri Hari Vishnu; Moon prefers to sit near the feet of Lord Surya. Moon rules our mind, education, longevity and financial status. The full Moon night is ruled by Moon.

Rahu rules over the Sun Set time and Ket rules over Sun Rise time. The night is ruled by Saturn. And Lal Kitab states the three planets as malefic. Mars may be benefic or malefic as per different combinations in a horoscope. All malefic planets do not mischief along with Moon and remains quite with Jupiter if Moon and Jupiter are well placed in a chart.

Moon protects our life and longevity especially when placed in 8th house.

Moon in first House

Moon in first house is considered auspicious in general as the first house belongs to her friendly planet Mars and first house is the exaltation house of Sun. A strong Moon in first house gives long life to the native. He is benefited from the government. Generally, at the time of native's birth, financial position of his / her parents will be ordinary. They may not have any property at the time of native's birth. If native keeps his / her mother happy, he / she gets longevity and wealth.  Lal Kitab recommends not to marry before the age of 28 years and especially in the age of 24 or 28 years as it may adversely affect the native. If native marries before the mentioned age and he gets a male child, it will further affect the native. One should not make or purchase a house with his / her own income before 24 years of age. If native drinks milk in silver utensil, it will be auspicious for the native. But one should not use glassware. If native uses vegetable green color, it may adversely affect native's health.  When Moon is in I house, one should not accept donation of silver, milk, non stitched cloth especially pure milk white cloth and also one should not do any business related to mentioned things. If native offers free milk or donate silver articles, it will benefit the native. 

If native desires to increase his income, using red color will help the native. And if native desires happiness in family, he should use silver plate and tray. If you face any sort of sleep disorders, put copper nails in all four legs of the bed or just offer plane water in the roots of Banyan tree sometimes.

One should never use silver kettle as it can adversely affect the native. 

Taking rice from mother as a blessing and keeping them with you will be auspicious for longevity and wealth. Do not consume them. Auspicious results will increase as the rice become older.

When friendly planets like Jupiter, Mars or sun are placed in 4th or 10th house, it will prove highly auspicious for the native. 

When ever you go out of station with your child and you have to cross a river and you plan to stay outstation for more than 100 days, put some copper coins in the river otherwise it may adversely affect the child.

When 7th and 8th houses are auspicious, Moon in first house will give excellent results. 

When Jupiter is placed in 4th house and Saturn is placed in 10th house, native gets many vehicles and be wealthy. 

When Moon is placed in first house and Venus is in 7th house, keeping either of the three dogs (as stated by our elders) at home will prove beneficial for progeny. 

When Venus + Mars or Mercury + Mars are placed in 7th house, native lives happily.

When Mercury is alone in 7th house, native may not be intelligent but will gain wealth from government and sea journeys. 

When sun + Saturn are placed in 6th house, it makes the native poor.

When Moon is in first house and Jupiter is placed in 11th house, native may not have good character and he may be a flirt.  If he indulges into relations, it will adversely affect native and his family.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon in I House

1) Native should keep his / her mother happy and take her blessings on daily basis.
2) Take rice or silver from mother and always keep them with you. Do not consume them.
3) One should use silver articles, utensils etc excluding silver kettle. Wear Silver.
4) One should never accept donation of silver, milk, non stitched cloth especially milk white cloth. Rather one can donate these articles.
5) Native should never indulge in selling of mentioned items.
6) If there is no planet in 7th house,  as an exception rule, Lal Kitab recommends to marry before 24 years of age. If you can not marry before 24 years for any reason, keep Cow, servant or maidservant at home before the age of 24 years.
7) Keep rain water or Ganga Jal at home.
8) Worship Lord Shiva at Shivalya. Offer milk on daily basis. Worship in the night on Maha Shivratri and participate in all four Rudri Pooja. This is the most effective Remedy.

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer 
Astro - Vastu Consultant