Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, Venus is ruled by Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

The 25th year of life is ruled by Venus. Venus rules the wife in male chart and Husband in female chart. Venus when posited alone generally gives good results. 

When ever Mercury is placed before Venus in a Horoscope, it is considered auspicious for the native. But when Mercury is malefic and posited before Venus, it gives affliction to Venus and native suffers on account of family life. When Mercury is in conjunction with planets inimical to Venus (Sun, Moon, Rahu), Mercury can not afflict Venus. 
Sun and Saturn together can adversely affect spouse of the native.

When Rahu afflicts Venus in a horoscope, native suffers on account of wealth and spouse. When Venus is placed in inimical house and Rahu is placed in adjacent house, it will again afflict Venus.

Venus in first House

Venus in first house can give mix results depending upon overall planetary position and strength of Saturn. Native may be atheist and highly passionate. He will be benefited from the government and he will enjoy luxuries and comforts of life. He will possess vehicles. Native may involve himself in extra marital affairs with person of opposite sex who may have very ordinary looks and tend to compromise in character despite his spouse may be very beautiful / Handsome. He / she may get married before starting his / her career when Saturn is well placed in the horoscope. When Mars is placed in 6th, 7th or 12th house, native has very long life. 

When Saturn is exalted in the horoscope or Rahu is well placed placed in 7th house native earns very good income but all his money is spent and there is no savings. As a remedy, native should keep a maid servant at home.

When Mercury is placed in third house, native will win in litigation.

When malefic Rahu is placed in 7th house, wife of the native suffers ill health and faces psychological problems. The family life of the native is also poor. If this combination is in female chart, her husband divorces her. As a remedy, native should take pure silver from in-laws at the time of marriage. 

When there are planets in 7th and 10th house, native should not marry in his / her 25th year of life otherwise he will suffer on account of spouse and wealth.
When Saturn is ill placed in the chart, wife of the native will be very beautiful and loving. The native himself likes to enjoy all sensual pleasures.

When Sun, Mercury and Saturn are malefic in the chart, it will adversely affect native's family and relatives. There will be frequent deaths in the family.

When Moon and Rahu are placed in 7th house, it makes the native characterless or he may suffer from Asthma or T.B. He will indulge into sex during the time of his illness. As a remedy native should donate seven grains or green Jwar Chari (green fodder). Male native should perform Kanya Dan (like father does for his daughter) and female native should donate cow. 

When Saturn and Venus are conjunct in a horoscope and any planet aspects them; Saturn will totally destroy that planet. 

When Saturn and Sun are in opposition to each other or conjunct and involved in fight, Venus suffers i.e. marital life or financial position or both will suffer.

Rahu conjunct with Venus generally gives inauspicious results and Rahu adversely affects marital life or financial position or both.

Venus and Mercury together generally gives auspicious results.

If malefic or inimical planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu) join Venus in first house; or Moon, Saturn, Rahu are in 7th house; native suffers in his life. When inimical planets Sun and Moon are placed in 2nd and 12th house respectively and Mars is in fourth house; native suffers in his life and has poor moral character. 

Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus in I House

1) Native should always take advice before taking all important decisions.
2) One should control his / her passion for opposite sex and do not indulge in extra marital affairs.
3) Native should take pure silver from his in-laws at the time of marriage.
4) Native should not become the head of the family. 
5) One can marry before starting career (except 25th year running) as native will prosper after marriage.
6) When native or his wife is suffering from ill health, one should donate seven grains or offer green Jwaar Chari (green fodder) to Cows preferably black or Red Cow.
7) If male native is suffering after marriage, he should perform Kanya Dan and female native should donate Cow.
8) Take pure Cow's Urine. You can get good quality Cow urine from Swami Ramdev Patanjali Yogpeeth.
9) One can take Joo as a food.        
10) If native is unable to save money or faces financial problems, he should keep a maid servant at home.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert