Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, if Mars is benefic, He is ruled by Lord Hanuman and When Mars is malefic, He is ruled by Rudra.

Mars if conjunct with malefic (Rahu, Ketu or Saturn) or if Mars is in conjunction with two planets who are inimical to each other like Mercury + Ketu; Mars does not get afflicted by these planets.

Relation of Mars with Saturn

Ketu and Saturn are agents of Saturn. Ketu indicates beneficence and Rahu indicates maleficence. Henceforth, Saturn has dual nature and it may take the native on either direction. Saturn does not keep enmity with Mars but Mars himself keeps enmity with Saturn. If Saturn is placed in 3rd house (Mars Pakka Ghar), Saturn gives poverty and bankruptcy to the native.

Mars also has dual nature. Mars may be benefic or malefic in the chart. A benefic Mars gives noble character. But a malefic Mars can bring-in all kinds of inauspicious results like deaths, accidents etc. When Mars is placed in 10th house either alone or with Saturn, He is considered as exalted and king. 

When Mars aspects Saturn; things or work related to Mars will prove inauspicious and native will be deprived of child. But work related to Saturn will prove beneficial to the native.

When Saturn aspects Mars; both the planets will give good results. 

When Mars and Saturn are conjunct and benefic; Rahu generally gives excellent results. The result of both the planets will depend a lot on placement of Rahu in the chart. If Rahu is placed in 3rd of 6th house, all three planets will give good results. His enemies will be highly scared of him. Native will have lot of courage and can even kill wrong doer or criminal but will not misuse or exercise his powers on poor. If they are conjunct in first house, native will be benefited from government. His in-laws will become rich. He will have long life. He will be benefited from work related to traveling. When Saturn+Mars are in 2nd house, native will prosper after marriage.  He will become rich and his in-laws will also become wealthy. When Mars+Saturn are in 3rd house, native is very bold and gets position in authority. He will prosper after his daughter attains puberty or after her marriage. When Mars+Saturn are together in 4th house, native prospers after begetting agriculture land. When Mars and Saturn are together in 6th house, native prospers when a bitch gives birth to pups near his house or when a lizard rises on the native from feet. Mars+Saturn conjunct in 7th house gives good results after marriage. When Mars+Saturn are conjunct in 9th house, native prospers after he organizes any Yagya or Homa in large scale related to his elders or forefathers. When Mars+Saturn are together in 10th house, native prospers after a snake comes out from his house. One should never kill this snake as it will not bite anyone but will benefit the native.   

When Mars+Saturn are conjunct and not benefic; in first house, malefic results will be experienced in 36-42 years of life. Native will suffer on all accounts like family, wife, wealth etc. He will suffer from blood related problems. If native indulges in affair with women having snake like black eyes, he will be destroyed. A female with brown eyes will help the native. Native should perform remedies of Moon. Mars and Saturn in 2nd house, native should not visit temple at the sunset time. Mars+Saturn in third house indicates disputes among brothers. He suffers on account of family, wealth, paternal uncle, brother and children. Mars+Saturn in 4th house give highly malefic results like accidents, death etc. Mars+Saturn in 6th house makes the person selfish. He may have problems in stomach especially when Ketu is also placed in 6th house and as a remedy, he should donate jaggery or sugar in a temple. In 7th house, native;s eye-sight may suffer in old age. In 8th house; gives highly malefic results like deaths in the family etc. As a remedy, bring some water from the well of a cremation ground and keep it at home. In 11th house, native may have good earnings but still he will be under debts. Both planets will give bad result. One should perform Jupiter's remedy to ward off evils.   
When Mars aspect Rahu; Rahu does not give bad results.

When Rahu aspects Mars; native suffers problems in arms, stomach, blood and severe problems in right side of the body. Moon's remedy will be helpful.

When Mars and Rahu are conjunct, Rahu keeps quiet and is unable to do any mischief hence does not give any bad or good results. Rahu is considered as the cooking stove and the cooked bread (Chapati or roti) is Mars. As a remedy, native should take his meals in the kitchen. If this conjunction takes place in 3rd or 6th house, native will be like a King. If this conjunction takes place in houses where both planets give bad results; it will prove highly malefic for the native. If Mars and Rahu are together in first house, it gives very bad results, urinary problems and problems related to progeny. As a remedy, one should take mud pot and fill it with Joo or Sarso (Mustard) in original raw form and put it in running water.

When Mars and Ketu are in opposition or conjunct or aspecting each other, both planets will give bad results. Moon's remedy will be helpful. Or keeping two male-female black and white dogs will ward off the evils.

When Mars and Ketu are conjunct in 10th house, native will suffer from the age of 28 to 45 years. He may be deprived of male child and Mars will also give very bad results.

When Mars and Mercury are conjunct, it generally gives bad results. If Mars is benefic in this conjunction, Mercury also gives good results. But when Mars is malefic, both the planets give malefic results. Generally Mars+Mercury combination gives malefic results and it requires remedies to be performed as it may give highly disastrous results to the native. It can give malefic results like fire, accident, sudden death, widowhood, widower, sever illness, defame, deep sorrow, problems related to progeny etc. Take advice from experts before performing any Lal Kitab Remedies.

Malefic Mars+Mercury conjunction results:

In first house:- Bury a surahi (jug with narrow neck) filled with honey or saunf (anise).
In III house:- Poverty, theft etc. Individual remedies may be performed
In IV House:-Sufferings
In 7th House:- sufferings in marital life, problems in veins, poisoning, unnecessary disputes and quarrels, negative thinking etc.
In 8th House:- Generally good results. But if malefic, his family may be destroyed and no one remains in the family resulting in end of the generation. He will suffer from his early age and if employed somewhere, he is sacked many times from his job.
In 11th house:- Native should not consume alcohol. He should use Holy water (Ganga Jal) in the morning.

When Mars is in first house, native has brothers. He will become rich after the age of 28 years. Native is truthful and reciprocates obligations. Native will benefit from work of machinery etc and his paternal uncle, nephew etc will benefit him. He will prove auspicious for his brothers and in-laws. But when Mars is malefic in first house, native's family suffer poverty from his birth. He expects free donation from others and suffers. He will forget all help given to him by others and suffers. He, his in-laws and brothers also suffer on account of progeny. 

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in First House

1) Do not accept free items.
2) Wear Silver.
3) Take care of your brothers.
4) Do work related to machinery etc. Work with paternal uncle or nephew.
5) Reciprocate obligations.
6) Perform remedies of Moon and Jupiter.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert