Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, Mercury is ruled by Goddess Durga.

When Mercury is placed in 3-8-9-12 houses and Rahu is placed in 5-7-8-11 houses; it gives highly malefic results. Native is imprisoned or hospitalized or goes to mental hospital or goes to distant isolated place despite of the fact that he may not be suffering from such kind of disease or he would not have done any crime or wrong act. He will have unnecessary expenses and sufferings. As a remedy, native should use joint-less ring of iron and should avoid work related to Rahu and Mercury.

Mercury: Sister, Father's Sister, Mother's Sister, Sister-in-law (Wife's Sister)
Rahu: In-laws, Maternal grand parents, Electrical, Prison

When Mercury and Ketu forms any relation with each other, Ketu gives bad results.

When Mercury is benefic, work requiring intelligence or skills etc or own business or any other work related to Mercury and the age of 34-35 years will prove good otherwise opposite results will be expereinced.

When Moon and Mars are in mutual fight, Mercury gives bad results.

When Mercury is in association of malefic planets, malefic planets give more malefic results and Mercury itself also gives malefic results. But when Mercury is placed with benefic planets, benefic planets will give more benefic results and Mercury itself will give benefic results.

Mercury generally gives its malefic results in hidden form henceforth native fails to understand the reasons of it.

If native re-makes the stairs of new pre-build house; it indicates that Mercury is malefic in the chart.

As a remedy, pierce nose and keep it for at least 96 hours or 5 days. Clean your teeth with alum. Serve young girls under puberty age. Donate Female Goat (nanny). If Mercury gives its malefic results through speech problems; it will not give any other malefic results. If members of the family fall ill, donating pure yellow pumpkin at a temple will ward off the evils. Mercury in fourth house gives Rajyoga.

Mercury alone posited in a house is considered powerless and it will give results of the planet of pakka ghar (permanent lord). Here, we will not take the lord of the house. For example, if Mercury is placed alone in 5th house, it will not give results of Sun; but Jupiter. Similarly, Mercury alone in first house act like Sun. Also, When Mercury is placed alone in a house, and the lord of the house is posited in ninth house; Mercury will spoil the good effects of the planet. For example, When Mercury is placed in first house which is owned by Mars; and Mars is placed in 9th house; Mars will give malefic results in 9th house. Another example. When Mercury is placed in 2nd house and Venus is placed in 9th house' Venus will give malefic results in 9th house.

If malefic Mercury is placed in 3-8-9-11-12 houses, native acts like a fool and himself is responsible for his sufferings and financial problems.

Mercury placed in 1-2 houses helps Saturn.
Mercury placed in 3 to 8 houses helps Sun.
Mercury placed in 9 to 12 houses helps Saturn.

When Mercury and Saturn are placed in adjacent houses; native should not build any yard at home otherwise native may suffer from psychological problems or problems related to head. His sister and father's sister will also suffer.

When Mercury is placed in houses before Venus, it is considered auspicious and Venus will also give auspicious results. But When Mercury is in conjunction with planets inimical to Venus like Sun, Venus will not be able to give benefic results. 

Mercury rules plain unused white paper, Glass and alum.

The empty space of this Universe, without any planet,  is also ruled by Mercury.  

Mercury in first House

Mercury in first house, when benefic, gives wealth through government.  Mercury will control the malefic Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. If native has dark complexion, it will also prove beneficial to the native. When Sun also joins this benefic Mercury, wife of the native will be noble and will belong to rich family. 

A malefic Mercury in 1st house may give allegations to native's wife in her young age. Native himself may also get defame. But When Mars is posited in 12th house, Mercury will not give bad results. If native consumes eggs, it may adversely affect native's health. Work related to Mercury will prove inauspicious to him. Native will consume alcohol and non vegetarian food and it will adversely affect his in-laws and progeny. Native may live in foreign land and will be greedy. Native will be totally addicted if Moon is placed in 7th house.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury in first House

1) One should not consume eggs, alcohol and non vegetarian food.
2) One should not keep musical instruments at home.
3) One should not trouble relatives related to Mercury like daughter, Sister, Father's Sister etc.
4) One should not waste time in unnecessary roving. Sit at one place and do constructive work. It will prove beneficial.
5) Serve young girls under puberty age.
6) Worship Goddess Durga and worship NavDurga during Navratra. Serve young girls under puberty.
7) Avoid green color especially when Mercury is malefic. 
8) Pierce nose and keep it for at least 96 hours or 5 days.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert