Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, Goddess Saraswati rules Rahu.

If Rahu is malefic in the chart, native should never live in south facing house as it may cause financial losses. But if fourth house or Moon are well fortified, Rahu does not give malefic results. As a remedy, native should use silver. 

Rahu will not be able to give malefic results when

~Mars is placed in 12th or 3rd house.
~Sun + Mercury are placed in third house.
~Rahu itself is placed in 4th house.

Rahu rules the blue sky and blue sea.

When Rahu is benefic in the chart i.e. When Rahu is placed in 3/6 houses, he gives highly benefic results and native wins in all difficult conditions. When benefic Mars and Saturn are together, Rahu gives very good results especially when 4th house or Moon is well fortified. 

When Rahu is placed in houses after Saturn in a horoscope, it works under Saturn. But When Rahu is placed before Saturn, Saturn works under Rahu. Rahu eclipse sun but Rahu + Moon combination is not considered as eclipse in Lal Kitab. Rahu itself will give better results but it will diminish good effects of Moon. Rahu is friendly to Saturn and Mercury henceforth it will support them. But Rahu gives affliction to Jupiter and it may result into diseases like Asthama, T.B. etc.

The ill affects of Rahu will be experienced till the age of 42 years. Native will prosper after the age of 42 years. Rahu generally gives bad results when Sun and Venus are together or Sun and Saturn are together and malefic. Mars also give bad results when malefic Sun and Saturn are together. 

When Ketu is placed in first half of the horoscope, Rahu will give malefic results and Ketu will not be able to give any results. 

When Rahu is in association with its inimical planets like Sun, Venus or Mars; native will face its malefic result on progeny and other things related to Ketu.

When Rahu is mlaefic in the chart and native suffers from acute fever, enemies and continuous problems in life, following remedies will help the native:-

1) When native has lost mental peace, one should use silver.
2) Donate Red Masoor Dal (Lentil) to sweeper in the morning or donate some Rupee coins to a sweeper.
3) Put raw Joo (barley) in flowing river equal to weight of the person. 
4) Keep some raw Joo near pillow in the night and donate it to animals or poor next morning.
5) If native is suffering through government or there are problems in profession or business, native should put raw coal (Kaccha Koyala) in flowing river equal to weight of the person.

Rahu in first House

Rahu in first house is not considered auspicious. One should donate articles related to Sun to ward off its evils.

When Venus is placed in 7th house, native will be wealthy but the health of wife will suffer.

When Mars is placed in 12th house, Rahu will not be able to give any results. 

When Rahu is placed in first house, we should look at the houses where Sun is placed. When sun is placed in I house, native will have problems related to government. When Sun is in 2nd house, native will not be religious and will dislike worshiping. He will not respect his in-laws. When Sun is placed in 3rd house, brothers of the native will suffer. When Sun is placed in 4th house, mother and her family members will suffer and native himself will face obstacles in his profession and income. When Sun is in 5th house, Rahu will support Sun and native will beget progeny. When Sun is placed in 6th house, native will face allegation from relatives. When Sun is in 7th house, native will suffer losses from litigation or family work. When Sun is in 8th house, native will loose his wealth and savings on unnecessary heavy expenses. When Sun is in 9th house, native will disrespect his religion and he will use the ancestral temple for his personal use. When Sun is placed in 10th house, people will not trust him. When Sun is in 11th house, native will be very egoistic and arrogant. When Sun is in 12th house, native will have sleep disorders and he face problems whenever he would think of taking some rest.

When Rahu is malefic in I house, there will heavy rain and storm at the time of his birth. His maternal parents will be alive at the time of his birth. The house just opposite to his ancestral house will be in bad condition or there will be deserted place in front of his ancestral house. Native may not beget male progeny. Native will suffer till the age of 40 years. 
A malefic Rahu in first house either makes the native a policeman who himself is indirectly involved in theft or he himself will be a thief.

11-21-42 years of native will prove inauspicious for native and his father.

Malefic Rahu makes the native suffer a lot in life. He will face sudden obstacles in his life. He may have wealth, children and family but no one will be come to his help in his bad periods.

Native should not take articles related to Saturn or Rahu from in-laws after marriage. One can take during marriage only. Rahu rules over Electrical goods, in-laws, brother-in-law (wife's brother), coal etc. and Saturn rules over machinery, mustrad oil, black pan, labor, etc.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in first House

1) Use Silver.
2) Do not take articles related to Saturn or Rahu from in-laws after marriage.
3) Donate articles related to Sun (Jaggery, Wheat, Copper, Red Masoor Dal etc.)
4) Keep Cat's (Chamois) leather in wheat color cloth.
5) Depending upon the problem, you can perform either of the remedies as mentioned above.
6) Worship Goddess Saraswati. Offer blue flowers at her feet.
7) Put raw Joo (barley) in flowing after after washing with milk.
8) Do not live in south facing house.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert