Lal Kitab Remedies for Ketu in 1st House

As per Lal Kitab, Lord Ganesha rules over Ketu.

Ketu rules over 48 years of age. When Ketu is benefic, it will be kind to the native and will help the native till the last moment.

When Ketu and Mercury are conjunct, Ketu will give auspicious results only when Mercury is benefic in the chart; Or 2-6-8 houses are auspicious or Jupiter / Mars / Mercury are not placed in 12th house. In general Ketu rules over bi color (black n white), dog, Son etc. If someone keeps bitch as a pet or there is a bitch nearby his home and it gives birth to male dog, native will get benefic results. 

When Ketu gives inauspicious results, one should not share his weaknesses or problems with others as it will intensify the malefic results of Ketu. Performing Remedies of Jupiter will help the native. If native is suffering from some disease, native should perform remedies of Moon. But when native's male child is facing problems, donating black n white blanket at the temple will ward off the evils. One should focus at the planets posited in 10th house to know the remedies for Ketu in a horoscope. When native is facing problems related to feet or urinary problems; native should perform remedies of Moon like tie white silk thread or wear silver ring etc.  Ketu also rules over the bed and especially the bed which native gets during marriage from in-laws or maternal uncle. Using this bed is very auspicious for the native especially related to child birth as it wards off evils of even the most malefic Ketu. One should use this bed through out the life.

When Jupiter or Sun are afflicted in a chart, Ketu gives bad results. When Ketu is malefic in the chart and especially when Venus and Moon are also together, it adversely affect the health of the child and he becomes very thin. As a remedy, bring some mud from a flowing river or one can also take Gachni mitti. Apply it over the whole body and let it dry. Give him bath with cold or lukewarm water as per the season. Doing this remedy for 43 days will remove the evils.     

Ketu in first House

When Ketu is placed in first house, Sun gives auspicious results despite He may be posited in the chart in debilitation or ill placed in 6th house. But native should not give money (copper coins as indicated in Lal Kitab) for expenses to his son in the evening or early morning. Native will have high regards for his Guru or teacher and will always help his father in his difficult times. Native will have male progeny and he may even worry for other male children also. When Mars is posited in 12th house, Ketu can not adversely affect the first house.Native will not have problems in his profession especially daily earnings.

When Ketu is giving malefic results after marriage, performing Saturn's remedy will ward off the evils. Native may have born away from his ancestral house (like outstation, hotel, Dharamshala, maternal grand parents' home etc.). After his birth, there will be problems and sufferings at the place of his birth.

When Ketu starts giving its malefic results, it starts its ill effects through things related to Mercury followed by Venus, Mars and finally Jupiter.

When sun is placed in 7th house, native will have ill health after the birth of his grand son.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Ketu in first House

1) Wear Silver ring or while silk thread and Gold.
2) Use Saffron to put tilak at the beginning of braid, forehead, neck, naval and tongue. 
3) Do not give money (Copper coins as per Lal Kitab) to your son either early morning or evening for general expenses.
4) Donate black n white blanket in a temple.
5) Do not share your weaknesses. Do not yell in front of others.
6) Always take a double bed from in-laws at the time of marriage. Use that bed through out the life. Or otherwise, you can ask for the same from maternal uncle.
7) When your male child is suffering from ill health especially loss of weight, do the remedy as mentioned above.
8) Serve black n white dog.
9) When Ketu gives malefic results after marriage, perform remedies related to Saturn.
10) When Sun is placed in 7th house, do not live with your grand son.
11) Worship Lord Ganesha as this single remedy will ward off all evils. Offer Him Sweet Laddu every morning (especially early morning) made of pure ghee.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert