Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Venus

Sun + Venus combination is not good in general. Native should never marry in 22nd or 25th year of age. Whenever Sun is posited in any house along with inimical planets like Venus, Sun gives bad results related to that house and planet. As a remedy, one should serve relatives / people related to Mercury; for example, he should serve his sister, mother's sister, father's sister, small girls under puberty etc. But when friendly planets (Jupiter, Moon, Mars) also join this combination, only friendly planet will suffer and inimical planets escape from ill effects. Rahu generally gives results like a debilitated planet in such conditions. Native can get good results from either of planet at one time, like for example if native is benefiting from government, his wife and children will suffer and vice versa. Although, Sun and Venus jointly become Jupiter (artificial) but they will have no connection with solid objects of Jupiter like Gold. Rather, when Sun+Venus are together, one can not expect good results of Jupiter (Father, Grandfather etc).

When Sun + Venus are ill placed in horoscope, native may live away from his father or his father may die early. Native will beget male child in between 36 - 39 years or after 47th year otherwise Venus will give malefic results. His wife or native himself may suffer from chronic diseases and diseases like T.B. etc or become handicap. There will be no happiness in marital life. There will dark spots on the face of native's wife. He will go by hearsay and will spoil his family life. 

But when both Sun and Venus are well placed in the chart, native's health will remain good. Native will be divine soul but live ordinary life because it will remain a secret. 

Sun + Venus in I House

Though, sun exalts in first house and gives good results but Sun + Venus together give bad results except health and help from government. His wife will suffer on account of ill health. If native indulges in any extra marital affairs, he will live miserable life and he may even go to prison. 

Sun + Venus in II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, XI, XII Houses give their independent results.

Sun + Venus in VII House

Inauspicious in general especially for the wife of native. There will be disputes with wife. Elders of the family will suffer. One should not use red color floor especially in ancestral house otherwise marital life will spoil. 

Sun + Venus in IX House

Native faces extreme situations in finances.

Sun + Venus in X House

Inauspicious Results. Native will get very bad results from government and Saturn will also give very bad results. He may have good ancestral wealth but he will work like a servant somewhere else. As a remedy, native should offer milk to snakes. If friendly planets are placed in 4th house, it will give good results related to male child.If there are no planets in fourth house, Moon's remedy will help the native. Or native should donate Cow for child and his happiness. 

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Venus

For Child: Native's wife should wear a gold bangle on her arm (not hand). 
For wife's health: Donate green Jwaar Chari equal to the weight of the wife to Cows. 
For overall happiness: Either of the spouse should leave eating jaggery right from the engagement. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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