Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Moon

When Sun + Moon are auspicious in the chart, native gets ancestral property, family happiness and good results especially in old age.

When Sun aspects Moon, it is considered highly auspicious.

Sun will dominate Moon and Moon will work under Sun. When both are placed in auspicious houses or 4th house, native will be highly charitable. Work related to Sun should be done in day time and work related to Moon should be done in night time. One should prefer to do routine work while he is breathing from left nostril and important work in right breath.

When Sun + Moon forms any relation with malefic Mars or any other malefic (Rahu, Ketu, Saturn), native gets inauspicious results. He may be financially good but will never have peace of mind and suffer. 

When inimical planets like Venus and malefic are placed in 4th and 5th houses, native faces opposition from females. Native suffers from deep sorrow. He fails in important missions. All his money go waste in unnecessary expenses. 

Sun + Moon in I House

Native lives like a King. He will benefit from government. But native may die suddenly.

Sun + Moon in II House

Native is benefited from government if he keeps good relations with females.

Sun + Moon in III House

Native himself gets good results but he will be selfish.

Sun + Moon in IV House

Gives extremely good results as long there is no planet in 10th house. Native will live like a king and will be highly charitable. But he may die suddenly. When Saturn is posited in 10th house, native may die during day time in some sewer line or river or some under ground water.

Sun + Moon in V House

Auspicious. Native lives happily throughout his life.

Sun + Moon in VI House

Both the planets give their own results. If there is no planet in 2nd house and Rahu / Ketu joins them; native dies along with his parents. As remedy, one should perform remedies for Mars. 

Sun + Moon in VII and VIII House

Both the planets give their independent results.

Sun + Moon in IX House

Such native should always live and respect his mother as it will prove highly auspicious for the native. One should visit some pilgrimage in his 20th year.

Sun + Moon in X House

Both planets give their independent results.

Sun + Moon in XI House

Inauspicious. Native's parents should not give any non vegetarian food to him right from early childhood or otherwise there is risk of Balarishta i.e. death in his 9th year. If native remains vegetarian throughout his life, he will live long up to 100 years.

Sun + Moon in XII House

Both planets will give their independent results but Sun will dominate in 12th house.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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