Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus + Mercury

As per Lal Kitab, Venus + Mercury combination signifies semi-government job, artificial Sun, Libra, sandy mud, manual flour mill etc. If malefic, native will be addicted. If Sun does not join this combination, wife of the native will be from good family.

Venus + Mercury in first house: Auspicious. Native gains through government. If malefic, native may have short life.

Venus + Mercury in second house: If native keeps good character, he will be a good businessman. 

Venus + Mercury in third house: Native will get good results of Moon despite Moon may be malefic excepting step-mother. 

Venus + Mercury in fourth house: This is Rajyoga for the native for his business. Native will benefit from work not related to Venus and Mercury. Mercury relates with vessels especially pitcher (ghada), musical instruments etc.) and Venus rules over agriculture, cow, bull etc. If malefic, native's in-laws and maternal side will suffer. Native may be adulterous. Native will suffer through maternal side and sister.

Venus + Mercury in fifth house: Native will suffer because of love affairs. Do not establish any round pit in the house for fire. Children will not get any bad results. 

Venus + Mercury in sixth house: Rajyoga. Native is benefited from females and lives happily. When Saturn aspects them from 2nd house, native will get many properties and be honest. When Sun is also well placed, native will gain through printing press, writings, government or any other skilled work.

Venus + Mercury in seventh house: Excellent results. Native lives happily and prosper. He will be a good businessman. If he uses Libra in his daily routine working, he will have extremely good gains. So native should do some work in which Libra is used. But if Moon is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, it may give bad results. Native will face problems in marriage and progeny. As a remedy, native should keep bronze bowl. 

Venus + Mercury in eighth house: Lal Kitab states this combination as "Rab nay Banaee jodi, ek endha ek kodhi". Native faces problems in marriage and progeny. Native's maternal side and sister will suffer. Native will get no benefit from Mercury and Venus till 34th year. 

Venus + Mercury in ninth house: Inauspicious in general. Mars give bad results. Elders of native will suffer after birth of his daughter. But if Moon or Jupiter or Ketu is placed in 3-1-6-7-11 house, both planets give good results. 

Venus + Mercury in tenth house: Good health and intelligent if 2nd 8th houses are good.

Venus + Mercury in eleventh house: Native looses his dear ones. Lal Kitab states Mercury in 11th house as owl's son. As a remedy, articles related to Mercury and living beings related to Venus will help the native. If Jupiter is placed in 10th house, native may have gold beads rosary. If yes, wash that rosary with milk or river water or perform remedies of Moon.

Venus + Mercury in twelfth house: Generally inauspicious. Poor marital life. Native's wife suffer. Native will further suffer after birth of daughter. But native himself may not have health problems and he will live long (100 years).

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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