Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus + Saturn

As per Lal Kitab, Venus + Saturn is like pure ghee + black pepper; complete black muddy mountain or stone; artificial exalted Ketu. This combination is auspicious in general. Generally, Mars and Ketu are also conjunct in the horoscope. Native will establish temple at home. Mercury will give good results. Rahu and Ketu will also give positive results. Native is always benefited from his father when Jupiter aspects this combination.   

Venus + Saturn in first house: Native will be addicted, lazy,  poor and sorrowful. when Sun is in 2nd house, Mars is in 4th house and Moon is in 12th house. Native will suffer from poor health, T.B., grief etc when Sun-Rahu or Sun-Ketu are placed in 7th house and Saturn is placed in first house.

Venus + Saturn in third house: His wealth will benefit others especially paternal uncle. Both husband and wife will be adulterous. 

Venus + Saturn in fourth house: Native may loose his wealth. Native will have to perform the remedy of the planet posited in 10th house for income and wealth. For example, if Sun is placed in 10th house, perform remedy of Sun; put copper coin in flowing water on daily basis. His paternal uncle will be adulterous when Sun is placed in 10th house and native will have dreadful end. 

Venus + Saturn in seventh house: Relatives of the native will join him in his business and he will loose his wealth through them. If Moon aspects them and Sun is placed in 4th house, native may be eunuch. 

Venus and Saturn in ninth house: Native will have happiness from wife and will be wealthy when Jupiter is placed in 3-5-10 houses.

Venus and Saturn in tenth house: Auspicious for wealth and comforts whole life. In young age, native will be involved in love affairs and will be alcoholic but will enjoy his life. His relatives will also benefit from his wealth. Native should serve black-n-white kapila cow as it will increase auspicious results. Native will benefit from work related to Venus. 

Venus and Saturn in eleventh house: Similar results like 10th house.

Venus and Saturn in twelfth house: Similar results like 9th house. Native will benefit from work related to Venus. 

As a remedy, place completely black stone in the foundation of the house.  Place an iron rod in vertical position on the roof the house.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab expert

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