Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars + Saturn

As per Lal Kitab, Mars + Saturn is significator of doctor, gangster, soldier, coconut, almonds (not kennel), Chuaray (dry fruit), exalted Rahu etc. 

If Rahu is well placed in the chart, it will give excellent results. When Mars is malefic in this combination, he gives his malefic powers to Saturn and Saturn will give extremely malefic results.

This combination is like two dacoits sitting together. Native will have comfortable life in old age. He will create fear among people. He will not hesitate to kill any cruel person but at the same time he will forgive the innocent and hard working person. He will be rich but there will be fear of robbery at his home. 

If malefic, native will suffer on account of wealth, family and diseases. He will suffer from serious illness and his relatives may feel that he will die very shortly but native will live long up to 90 years. Native will suffer from severe financial losses if he does any transaction on basis of faith without documentation. 

Mars + Saturn in first house: Native will prosper if he associates with government. His in-laws will also prosper. He will have long life and will benefit from traveling. When malefic or when Mercury is ill placed in the horoscope, native will face extremely bad results in 36 to 39 years. He will loose his wealth and family. He will suffer from blood related diseases. A female having black snake like eyes will spoil everything. But a female with brown eyes will benefit the native in short term. Perform Moon's remedy to ward off evils.

Mars + Saturn in 2nd house: Native will prosper after marriage. His in-laws will give him good financial support. When Moon and Rahu are placed in 12th house, native should not visit temple, mother or in-laws in the evening near Sun set.

Mars + Saturn in 3rd house: Native will be rich and highly courageous. He will prosper after his daughter attains puberty or marry. His brothers may oppose him. His wife's brothers may trouble him or poison him. Marital life may spoil. He may loose his wealth. Either paternal uncle or one of the brother may be childless. 

Mars + Saturn in 4th house: Native benefits after he purchases agriculture land. He may face multiple accidents in his life.

Mars + Saturn in 5th/6th/8th/9th houses: Native will prosper after birth of his male child. When Saturn + Mars are placed in 5th house and Ketu is placed in first house, native will beget male child after 42 years. When they are placed in 6th house and Ketu is placed in 2nd house, native is selfish and does not reciprocate obligations. He will suffer from stomach disorders. As a remedy, he should donate sweets at a temple.

Mars + Saturn in 7th house: Native will prosper after marriage. He will be rich and have children. His relatives will benefit from him. He will have poor vision in old age.

Mars + Saturn in 8th house: Highly Malefic. Bring some underground water from cremation ground and keep it at home to ward off evils. 

Mars + Saturn in 9th house: Native will prosper after he conducts big yagya (homa) in the name of elders. If Mercury relates with this combination, it gives bad results.

Mars + Saturn in 10th house: Highly Auspicious. Native will get good results despite any planet aspects them from 4th house. A snake will appear in his house in day time. Do not kill that snake as native will prosper after this event and snake will also not bite anyone. Native will have very long life and he will get happiness from (son of) his grand son. If there is no planet in 3-4 houses and also there is no inimical planet (of Mars) in 8th house, it gives very good results. The planet posited in these houses will be destroyed by Mars + Saturn. Native should live in house with four corners. If Moon is posited in 4th house, he will be employed in government or will gain from government and will be very bold and courageous. 

Mars + Saturn in 11th house: Native may be under debts despite of good earnings. He will make his own destiny and will not get any ancestral wealth.  

Mars + Saturn in 12th house: Both give good results.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars + Saturn

Never do any financial dealing on sheer faith. Always document all transactions. Perform remedies of both planets. Keep mare's milk in glass vessel at home but make sure that you get the first milk after it gives birth to a foal. Foal should not consume the first milk. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab expert

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