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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter Two

Taurus Ascendant

Shloka – 1

For Taurus native, Saturn does not become yogakarka inspite of having lordships of 9th and 10th houses ; nor do the Sun and Mercury causes Raj yoga inspite they may join in Lagna.

Shloka – 2

Taurus native will have Holy dips in Ganga if Rahu is posited in 10th house or Jupiter and Mars are posited in Capricorn sign.

Shloka – 3

Moon, placed in fourth house and aspected by Jupiter and Mercury, produces Raj yoga for Taurus native.

Shloka – 4

For Taurus native, Mars in 7th house gives auspicious results. Sun and ninth lord in 11th house gives long life and benefic results.

Shloka - 5

For Taurus native, Jupiter and Mercury in mutual aspect or conjunction causes dhanyoga.

Shloka - 6

The above mentioned Dhanyoga in shloka - 5 will undoubtedly become defunct if Mars also aspect or joins them.

Shloka - 7

For a native born in Taurus lagna, if Jupiter, Mars and Mercury joins together or aspect each other, there will be debts in Mercury period.

Shloka - 8

For Taurus native, with respect to Shloka - 7, Mars period will give financial betterment, Jupiter period will give mix results and Mercury posited in kendra causes rajyoga.

Shloka -9

When Mercury and Venus are posited in lagna aspected by Jupiter from seventh house; Mercury period will give Yogakarka results for Taurus lagna.

Shloka - 10

If Mars and Venus are posited in lagna and Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury* and Jupiter period will be fortune for Taurus native.

Shloka - 11

If Saturn, Mercury and Mars are placed in 9th house and Rahu is placed in Aquarius, Taurus native will have holy dips in Ganga in period of Mars and Rahu.

Shloka - 12

If Moon and Venus are placed in sixth house and Mercury* and Jupiter are placed in 11th house, Jupiter period will cause Dhanyoga for Taurus native.

Shloka - 13

With reference to above shloka, Venus Dasha will undoubtedly give lot of wealth and luck.

Shloka - 14

Moon in lagna does not cause dhanyoga for Taurus native.

Shloka - 15

If birth happens in signs other than Taurus, Moon in lagna makes the native fortunate.

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