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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter Three

Gemini Ascendant

Shloka 1

If Sun and Mercury are placed in third house, Mercury produces Yoga and benefic results in its period for Gemini natives.

Shloka 2

If Venus, Mars and Moon are placed in second house, native begets wealth in Venus period for Gemini natives.

Shloka 3 & 4

For Gemini natives, if Mars is placed in second house and Saturn and moon are in eighth house, Saturn will give mix results but Mars undoubtedly confers dhanyoga (wealth).

Shloka 5 & 6

For Gemini natives, if Mars and Saturn are placed in eighth house and Moon is in eighth house, native undoubtedly looses his wealth and fortune at the commencement of Mars and Saturn period, but still he will be able to retain little money.

Shloka 7

Moon as second lord is undoubtedly not a killer for Gemini natives.

Shloka 8

Mars and Moon in 11th house with Saturn in 9th house confers special dhanyoga (wealth) for Gemini natives. 

Shloka 9 

Gemini native will have holy Ganag dips in periods of Saturn and Jupiter placed in 9th house.

Shloka 10

There will be misunderstanding with elder brother if Mercury is placed in 11th house for Gemini natives.

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