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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter VII

Health & Longevity

Shloka 1

Jupiter, the karka of wealth, body and children, if combines ascendant lord, he gives long life.

Shloka 2

Saturn in relation with 8th lord gives long life.

Shloka 3

Saturn in 8th gives long life. 8th lord and Ketu in lagna gives short life.

Shloka 4

Native's father will have long life if pitrakarka Sun relates with 9th lord.

Shloka 5

Sun in 9th gives short life to father. Moon in 4th house gives short life to mother.

Shloka 6

Sun & 9th lord in 9th gives short life to father. 9th lord in 11th gives long life to Father.

Shloka 7

Moon in relation with 4th lord gives long life to mother.

Shloka 8

Mars in 3rd house gives short life to brother. One should predict evil brothers if Jupiter is in 3rd house.

Shloka 9

One should predict only one brother if Jupiter in 3rd as 3rd lord.

Shloka 10

Jupiter in 5th gives short life to male child. Venus in 7th gives short life to wife.

Shloka 11

4th lord & Moon if placed in 9th, 10th or 5th, predict long life to mother.

Shloka 12

Learned state that if 4th lord is in 4th house in mooltrikona sign, mother will live long.

Shloka 13

Even if 4th lord and Moon are placed together in 4th (good) house; but Moon is weak (pakshabala) and Saturn aspects them; mother will have short life.

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