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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter VIII

Fortune Yogas

Shloka 1

If 9th lord is in 11th and 11th lord is in 9th or 9th and 11th are related to each other, it gives fortune to the native.

Shloka 2

If eight planets occupy four signs in pairs; it is fortunate yoga. 

Shloka 3

If six planets occupy three signs in pairs; it is fortunate yoga.

Shloka 4

If four benefics are aspected by malefics, native may not be fortunate but wealthy.

Shloka 5

Native is fortunate if malefics occupy 3/6/11.

Shloka 6

Native will be fortunate with respect to the house whose karka is placed in 12th house.

Shloka 7 & 8

If 4th lord, Venus, 7th lord and 9th lord are in 11th or 9th and related to Saturn, native will gain elephants (vehicles) in Saturn's  main or sub period. This yoga is as per Brihat Jataka.

Shloka 9 & 10

Ascendant lord, 9th lord and 4th lord are in 10th or 1st or 7th house with 10th lord; in main or sub periods of either of planets, native begets high position, becomes very fortunate and gets name and fame.

Shloka 11

An exalted planet in 5th or 9th confers good yoga, fortune, name and fame to the native.

Shloka 12

Sun, Mercury and Venus in 5th house and Jupiter in 11th house; Mercury dasha confers special wealth yoga.

Shloka 13

Native gets his fortune through father if pitra karka Sun and 9th lord are posited in 12th house.

Shloka 14

Exalted Sun gives good fortune to Father. Debilitated Sun indicates unfortunate father.

Shloka 15

Sagittarius natives makes fortune through Father. Even if Sun is debilitated, native gets flow of fortune through Father.

Shloka 16

Native's Father will be fortunate if 12th, 9th lords and Sun are in 12th or if Jupiter is in 12th with 12th lord.

Shloka 17

Native will be fortunate with respect to Mother and Wife if Moon and Venus respectively, are placed in 12th house.

Shloka 18

The one who has Mars in 12th will be fortunate in respect to brother. 9th lord in 12th indicates a fortunate native in respect to Father.

Shloka 19

Native will be fortunate in respect to wife if 7th & 9th lord exchange. Also, he will have self earned wealth.

Shloka 20

Native gets wealth through cousins if Mercury & 2nd lord or just Mercury alone is located in 6th house.

Shloka 21

Jupiter as 5th lord in exaltation indicates fortunate children as stated by learned astrologers.

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