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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter IX

Raj Yogas

Shloka 1 & 2

If 2nd and 5th lords are posited in 2nd / 5th Or in 9th / 10th, it confers Raj Yoga. 2nd & 11th lords in 10th and free from doshas (afflictions), it confers Raj yoga in their dasha.

Shloka 3

Rahu confers Raj Yoga in its Main or Sub periods if placed in 10th, 11th, 4th or 5th house.

Shloka 4

Ketu in 3rd causes Yoga. Ketu in 9th or 5th is inauspicious as it is malefic.

Shloka 5

Venus confers yoga when Venus and Moon are in 3rd house. Venus dasha confers yoga.

Shloka 6

10th lord in 3rd or 11th is not permanent yoga rather native will have some yoga at some times.

Shloka 7

Jupiter in 3rd as 10th lord causes similar said yoga and enmity with brothers.

Shloka 8

Dasha of 9th lord in 8th confers no yoga. But Jupiter as 9th lord in 8th confers fortune to native.

Shloka 9 & 10

If 9th and 8th lords are related, dasha of 8th lord confers yoga. 9th lord dasha confers no yoga but 8th lord antardasha confers yoga.

Shloka 11 & 12

If 10th & 11th lords are related, 11th lord dasha confers Raj Yoga. 10th lord dasha confers similar results.

Shloka 13

Native is deprived of yoga in antardasha of 11th lord. Venus dasha produces no yoga in 10th house. Saturn dasha confers Raj Yoga if placed in 7th house.

Shloka 14

Rahu confers yoga in 7th house. Saturn in 3rd or 9th confers yoga.

Shloka 15

Jupiter in 3rd, 8th and 9th confers yoga. Jupiter in 12th bestows heaven.

Shloka 16, 17 & 18

9th and 10th lord in 9th / 10th house confers Raj Yoga, great name and fame. Their exchange also confers similar results. Their position in own houses give similar results.  

Shloka 19

5th & 10th lords in 5th or 10th confers similar results.

Shloka 20

Predict similar results if 9th lord & 10th lord are posited in 7th and 1st house respectively.   

Shloka 21

5th, 7th and 10th lords in kendra - trikona confers Raj Yoga, great name & fame.

Shloka 22

Raj Yoga is caused if Sun is in Aries, Moon-Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Libra and Mars is in Capricorn.

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