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Progeny as per Vedic Astrology

If 5th lord is posited in inimical sign or in debilitation or combust and placed in 6/8/12 houses from lagna, it inidcates problems in begetting children. Similarly, if a planet is posited in 5th house in inimical sign or in debilitation or combust or posited in 5th as lord of 6/8/12 houses; it indicates problems in begetting children. If there are more than one combination as mentioned above, it indicates more problems. If the said planet is Sun, it indicates ancestral curse or offense against Lord Shiva. Moon indicates curse of Mother like ladies or Goddess. Mars indicates curse from brothers or enemies or Lord Kartik. Mercury signifies killing of cats or destroying eggs of fishes etc or curse of girls under puberty or Lord vishnu. Jupiter indicates destruction of fruit bearing trees in previous births or curse of family Priest. Venus shows destruction of flower bearing trees or sin against cows.  Saturn signifies destruction of Pipal trees or curse of Yama or spirits.Rahu denotes curse of snakes and Ketu indicates spirits. If Venus and Moon joins Maandi, native had either killed or harassed either Cow or young girl in previous births. If Ketu or Jupiter are in 5th with Maandi, native had either killed or harassed temple Priest in previous birth.

To ward off evils, one should serve the connected living beings or Worship related deity for continuous 13 months followed by Maha Yagya.          

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer & Lal Kitab Expert

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