Indian Astrology

Karka or Significator

Natural Karka as per Maha Rishi Parasara

Sun - Father
Moon - Mother
Mars - Brothers
Mercury - Profession
Jupiter - Children
Venus - Spouse
Saturn - Longevity
Rahu - Maternal Side
Ketu - Patenral Side

Karka as per Maha Rishi Jamini

Atmakarka : This is the most important karka among all as it rules the native himself. The planet with highest degrees (excluding sign) becomes Atmakarka. The natural Atmakarks is Sun.

Amatyakarka : The planet with second highest degrees is Amatyakarka. It governs over second house signfications.

Bhratukarka : Planet whose longitude is next to Amatyakarka. It rules over siblings. Mars is natural bhratukarka.

Matrukarka: It rules over mother and is the planet with degrees next to Bhratukarka. Moon is natural karka of Mother.

Putrakarka : Next one is Putrakarka who rules over progeny. Natural karka is Jupiter.
Gnathikarka : It rules over relations like cousins. Natural karka is Mars.

Darakarka : It rules over spouse. Venus is natural karka.

Exceptions in Jamini Karkas

When two or more planets occupy same longitude, they will share the same karka. In that case, the lordships will be filled up by first Rahu and than by other natural karka. For example, if Putrakarka is vacant, Jupiter (natural karka) will become Jamini Karka also.

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