Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 3rd House

Rahu in third house generally gives good results. The native gets to know about his future in his dreams much before; around two year before the events. The native is blessed with male child. Rahu alone posited in 3rd house protects native and blesses long life and wealth. Rahu will protect the native like Z+ security guards.

The native himself will also be highly brave and courageous. You can leave such native alone in the dark night of a jungle but he will not have even pinch of fear in his mind. He will prove helpful even to his enemies; like our elders had stated that; an intelligent enemy is always better than foolish friend. He will create fear in minds of enemies. He will be empowered to destroy his enemies just through his writings and communications. Before he dies, he will leave properties for his children and no debts for his family. If Mars also conjunct Rahu in third house, all the qualities mentioned above will intensify. 

In some cases, when Rahu is ill placed in third house*, native will loose wealth through brothers and relatives. They will borrow money from the native and refuse to pay back. He will be cheated and there may be losses due to sudden thefts fire, etc.   

* The ill placement of Rahu could be for many reasons. The main reason would be when Mercury is placed in 12th house or 12th house is bad. The ill effects will be experienced till the age of 34th year.

Mercury in 12th house, in any case, is considered to be neecha as per kalapurusha horoscope. For that matter, all planets in their neecha houses of kalapurusha horoscope give adverse results. Rahu is also considered as debilitated in 12th house. 

Saturn in lagna; Mars in 4th; Sun in 7th and Jupiter in 10th house will always give advesre result also irrespective of the rashi occupied by them. Yeh, I am stating even if they are posited in exaltation signs. These adverse results will be prominent when they are under affliction also.

As a remedy, native should not keep ivory products at home or with him. He should avoid black color.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert